3 Reasons To Love Smart Magnetic Plaster


Have you heard about Magnetic Plaster?

This product is a high performance and commercial grade plaster that can transform any wall into a smooth and magnetic surface.

If you’re looking to add magnetic functionality to your surface, or swap out magnetic panels, then take a look below to see three reasons to love Magnetic Plaster.

Magnetic Plaster Provides You A Strong Magnetic Surface

One of the things you should look into before choosing a magnetic product is how much you want to hold up on your surface.

Is it just a few pieces of paper, or something much heavier?

You need a product that will match your needs.

The good news is that with this product you will have a strong magnetically receptive surface. It’s got 67% magnetite content.

So you can hold up heavy items on your wall with ease.


It Comes Pre-Mixed

With most plasters you receive your product in powder form and then have to mix with water when beginning the application process.

With our Magnetic Plaster, that isn’t the case.

Smart Magnetic Plaster comes pre-mixed, so there is no water and no mess. You don’t need to worry about this additional step during the application process.

Along with this, Magnetic Plaster is great for improving the overall standard of your surface.

Top Coat Any Way You Like

Once you’re done creating your magnetic surface, how would you like to topcoat it?

With this magnetic surface, you can do it any way you like.

Digital prints, wallpapers, coloured paint, the choice is yours.

You can even topcoat with one of the products in our dry erase range to create a multi-function surface. Choose Whiteboard Paint or Dry Erase Wallcovering.

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