5 Reasons You Need Whiteboard Walls

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Have you ever found your office whiteboards limited in size? Do they look old and out of date when compared with the rest of your office?

Consider adding whiteboard walls to your office instead.

But, how can you create whiteboard walls and what benefit are they to you ?

Keep reading below and see 5 reasons why we think you need whiteboard walls in your space.

1: So Many Product Choices For Your Whiteboard Walls

Did you feel limited by the whiteboard options available? You won’t when it comes to whiteboard walls.

Depending on your preference you could choose Whiteboard Paint or Dry Erase Wallcovering.

Whiteboard Paint comes in two colours, white or transparent and is a one coat whiteboard paint which transforms any smooth surface into a whiteboard. It will be ready to use 7 days from application.

Dry Erase Wallcovering is a whiteboard wallpaper with a rapid install time. You can use this product 24 hours from application, meaning it can be put up on a Monday and used on the Tuesday.

2: Easy To Apply

So, now you’ve chosen the product you want to create your whiteboard walls with. What about install?

Whiteboard Paint can be applied like any normal paint. Each kit comes with a step by step application guide.

The same is true for Dry Erase Wallcovering. In this case we would recommend getting a professional installer however the good news is this product is applied like any commercial wallcovering.

Since it will be writable, we suggest applying it horizontally to avoid joints in the middle of your wall.

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3: No Size Limits Or Ugly Frames

One of the main problems people encounter with whiteboards is how small they are.

Only one person can work on it at a time and they are limited in how much space they can use to explore their ideas. This is why having whiteboard walls are a great solution.

You can paint or apply wallcoverings to the entire wall, meaning you will never been limited in how much space you have to write. Multiple groups of people will be able to work at once.

What about frames? Whiteboards are often surrounded by ugly grey frames which are an eyesore to look at.

Your whiteboard walls won’t have any frames. You’ll paint or apply wallcovering directly onto the wall which means it will fit seamlessly into the room.

4: Forget About Ghosting

Is ghosting your main problem with whiteboards?

Ghosting is when you wipe away some writing and a dark smudge stays behind. It looks terrible and can be really annoying when you use your whiteboard frequently.

Neither Whiteboard Paint or Dry Erase Wallcovering ghosts. This means you can use your high quality whiteboard walls as often as you like and they will never leave smudges behind.

Just make sure to use high quality accessories like the ones we sell on our site here.

5: Make It Any Colour You Want

Not interested in having a white surface? That’s no problem.

Choose Whiteboard Paint in Transparent and apply it to any coloured wall you want and it will become dry erase.

This is great for if you have a bright coloured logo or giant map in your office. We’ve seen customers use this product on so many different colours.

Walls can be functional and look great too!.

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