Applying Whiteboard Paint On Glass


One of the questions we get asked a lot is, can you use whiteboard paint on glass?

The answer is yes!

Smart Wall Paint White and Clear can be applied to any smooth surface. In this case, since you will be painting on glass, we’ll assume you want to use Smart Wall Paint Clear.

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How can dry erase glass surfaces benefit me?

Create dry erase glass surfaces around your office and you’ll be able to leave your colleagues notes, keep track of your to do lists – write whatever you need to communicate. Reduce the need for unnecessary sheets of paper with this environmentally friendly alternative.

Plus people love using whiteboard surfaces.

By transforming your glass surfaces into whiteboards, you’ll find your co-workers will want to engage more with meetings by writing their ideas on the surface. The best part is all marks will easily wipe away, so you’ll be able to have innovative surfaces without having to change the aesthetic of your office.

Check out this photo of how we use these surfaces in our office.


How does Smart Wall Paint Clear work?

Smart Wall Paint is a one coat whiteboard paint which can be used on walls, doors, desks and in this case glass. It can be a great addition to any business or school. Once you’ve applied the product to your surface, wait just 5 days before using, to allow the product to cure and then you’ll have your very own dry erase glass surface.

Just look how easy it is to use in the video below.

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You can check out our Smart Wall Clear application video here.

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