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Trade In Your Whiteboard For Whiteboard Wall Paint

  Are you getting tired of never having enough space with your current whiteboard? We know how you feel. Trying to have productive meetings can be a hassle with traditional whiteboards. They’re hard to see and only one person can use it at a time. Now imagine having an entire wall as your whiteboard. A […]


What to Look Out for When Choosing a Functional Wallcovering

So you want a writable or magnetic or projection surface ? Confused with all the options available to you ? Perplexed by the wide price range ? We thought we might offer a short guide to differentiate between commercial wallcoverings such as our Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering and a whiteboard sticker or reusable peel and […]

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Why You Should Swap Whiteboards For Dry Erase Walls

Ever thought about updating the old whiteboards in your office? Why not turn your wall into a dry erase surface. It’s easy with whiteboard paint or dry erase wallcoverings. There are a lot of benefits of having dry erase walls. Read just some of them below. Size Whiteboards can be really limited in size, can’t […]

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Ready To Update Your Chalkboard into A Writable Wall?

Whether you work in an office or classroom, chalkboards can really look out of place in a modern space. It’s time to ditch these dusty whiteboard alternatives and bring a fresh writable surface into your workplace. While you’re at it, why not just make your entire wall writable? Think that sounds too good to be […]


Projector Paint vs. Projector Screens

In today’s post we have provided a comparison of traditional projector screens with Smart Projector Paint in terms of sizing, application, appearance and cost, to allow you to make an educated decision when creating your projector surface.   Sizing A Projector Screen: The largest projector screen currently available is 525 cm in height and 700 […]

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Be Wowed By Functional Wallpapers

Are you ready to be wowed by functional wallcoverings? Say goodbye to your whiteboard. This is the product of the future. Why should you be interested? That’s easy. Check out these three reasons below. 1: Have Any Functionality You Want. We Mean It Looking for a writable surface? Why not make it projectable as well? […]

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How Strong is Magnetic Paint?

Bringing a magnetic wall into your office or classroom can be really beneficial. It can aid project planning, meetings and lessons. We’re sure you’ve heard this before. But different brands of magnetic paint say that they perform differently. So what do you believe? We are here to help. In this post we will tell you […]


Questions To Ask When Choosing Whiteboard Wallpaper

Interested in purchasing a whiteboard wallpaper? No matter what functional wallpaper you are looking to install on your surface, it can be a good idea to ask some questions regarding the product. This way you know everything you need to know, before the wallpaper is applied to your surface Keep reading and check out some […]

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Whiteboards vs. Whiteboard Paint

Whiteboards vs. Whiteboard Paint – which one is best? In today’s post we have compared our Magnetic Whiteboard Paint with traditional whiteboards under a series of headings to outline the main differences between the two products.                        Ghosting Our first comparison category was based on ‘ghosting’, […]


3 Reasons To Love Smart Magnetic Plaster

Have you heard about Magnetic Plaster? This product is a high performance and commercial grade plaster that can transform any wall into a smooth and magnetic surface. If you’re looking to add magnetic functionality to your surface, or swap out magnetic panels, then take a look below to see three reasons to love Magnetic Plaster. […]

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