How A Digital Agency Can Create And Use Whiteboard Walls

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Do you work in a digital agency? Maybe you’re considering adding whiteboard functionality to your office surfaces?

We think that’s a great idea.

Whiteboard walls are a great tool to help you in your day to day activities.

From website design and development to client consultations, whiteboard walls are here to make your life easier and your work better.

Check out how digital agency Big Pixel Creative created and use their very own coloured whiteboard wall below.

Meet Digital Agency Big Pixel Creative

Big Pixel Creative is a digital agency who specialise in web design, branding and consultations to develop websites that transform the way we work.

Big Pixel Creative has been creating and designing for over 14 years, making them a leading company in the digital agency business.

The Project

Big Pixel Creative wanted to create a vibrant writable wall that they could use luminous markers on to help them with their day to day activities.

They also wanted a whiteboard wall that would blend in with their pre-existing office design.

They thus decided to transform their dark grey wall with whiteboard functionality to create a vibrant and lively whiteboard wall.

The Product

You’re probably wondering if it’s even possible to have a dark grey whiteboard wall. Aren’t whiteboards supposed to be white?

At Smarter Surfaces we say anything is possible!

To create their dark grey whiteboard wall, Big Pixel Creative used Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear.

With whiteboard functionality, Big Pixel Creative can now take their work to the wall.

During branding meetings they can brainstorm and write ideas up onto the wall then simply take a photo of the wall when they’re finished.

During web design they can fill their wall with possible ideas and designs to help them visualise and find the best option.

These walls can even come in handy during client consultations.

What better way to demonstrate their services and how they could help potential clients than illustrating it on the wall?

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Make Your Own Wall

To create your own vibrant whiteboard wall simply prime then paint one coat of Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear on to a smooth surface containing any wallpaper, digital print or coloured paint of your choosing.

Maybe you want your wall to have that trademark white colour of a traditional whiteboard?

No problem. Just apply one coat of Smart Whiteboard Paint in White on to your desired primed smooth surface.

It really is that easy.

Want to add another functionality to your wall? Smarter Surfaces products can be combined to add dual and triple functionality to your surfaces.

Find out about all of the product combination options available to you here.

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