Home Office Tips for Increased Productivity

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Currently 60 % of all employees in the UK are working from home. Setting up your home office might be challenging but if it’s done right you will increase your productivity.  Find here some helpful tips about how you can improve working from home.

Have breaks and define your working space

With so many of us working from home these days it is important to set up a clear boundary on where your work life and personal life begin and keep them separate. You should have a room or a desk where you only work from. It helps you to stay focused and helps to make sure you don’t mix up your personal life with your work life. Working from your bed or dining room will harm your concentration and it will keep you from working productively. When your working hours are finished you should put your laptop away and enjoy your free afternoon. Try to keep a routine. Get up at the same time as you would normally do, try to get a full nights sleep and also have your lunch as usual. This will help you to keep going. Use your breaks for a walk outside. Get fresh air and keep moving. Now that you can’t stretch your legs around the office it’s important not to stay stationary all day, take a few minutes each hour from your day to stretch.

Stay in contact with your colleagues

A chat with your colleagues, a call or a virtual meeting is very important to keep your mind happy. Social Distancing may mean you are not able to see your friends in the office but it shouldn’t include isolation. There are so many virtual solutions and in times of social media it should be easier to keep connected. This will influence your mental health and it will also be much easier to come back to the office once this is all over.

How to design the ideal home office

To work efficiently from home you should make sure that you have the right facilities. It will help to have a good-sized screen to work from to reduce eye strain and help you keep your focus. Keep your desk tidy and clean. Our Smart home office user kit will help you with being more organized and is also helpful in reducing paper waste and staying on top of your tasks. It enables you to  write your notes, phone numbers and ideas on your desk without wasting paper. You won’t have to worry about finding a customer’s email address you just wrote down or finding a new piece of paper to write on during a phone call. Take a look at our home office products here to help you keep moving and on top of your tasks maximising your daily output.

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