How Whiteboard Paint Can Improve Meetings

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So you want to have constructive meetings?

It can be difficult to keep people engaged during meetings. Traditionally, in meetings, one person stands up at a flip chart or whiteboard, while everyone else sits around the table and watches.

Where is the engagement?

How We Use our Walls in Meetings

In the past week alone, here are just some of the ways our meetings were maximised by using our walls :


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Quarterly Action Plans

So we held a half day review meeting with some of our franchisees. Each stood at the wall and created their own action plan for the next 12 weeks based on the discussion around the table.
As we could all see the action plan in front of our eyes, we could spot gaps and make suggestions.
This could not have happened without a large write-on wipe-off area where a long list of actions across three months was written up.
It was an excellent use of our time. Each franchisee benefited from team input. Best of all, there was a clear action plan at the end of the group discussion.


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New Product Menu for Online Store

This example of working relates to an internal meeting we had (rather than the external example cited above). Our web developer, Head of eCommerce and Marketing Director put their heads together to come up with a new and improved product menu for our websites.

This would not have happened so effectively and easily without our whiteboard walls.
Each of us drew on the wall an idea of the product menu and display options we wanted (including up-sell and cross sell options. We also used our Projector Wall (thank-you Smart Projector Paint) to review product menus on the world’s leading e commerce sites for inspiration).

As we could so wipe bits of our designs off quickly and cleanly, it was incredibly easy to come up with a working design that we all liked. There was no wastepaper basket full of crumpled sheets, no walls covered in flipchart paper and blu-tack. Everyone could see as no design was upside down or in someone else’s notebook or iPad.

We could all work on one wall, wipe on one wall, review the wall and finally, see a solution.

Then we took a quick pic, wiped the wall clean and left the meeting room for the next team to work as efficiently as we did.
We often wonder how people work without whiteboard walls.

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Smart Surfaces 8th June 2016

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