Layer Smarter Surfaces Products For More Functionality

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Did you know that you can layer some of our products on top of another to achieve your desired functional wall ?

This blog post looks at some of our most popular product combinations.

Get a Writable and Magnetic Wall in White

The Magnetic wallpaper base gives you an even magnetic surface that is quick to install and is also ready to use rapidly – just wait for the adhesive to dry. Top this pre-primed wallpaper with one coat of our award-winning whiteboard paint, Smart Wall Paint.

The result is a writable and magnetically receptive wall.

This time we are using magnetic paint as a base instead of magnetic wallpaper, as described above. What are the benefits of magnetic paint over magnetic wallpaper ?

-Anyone can paint whereas our magnetic wallpaper needs professional installation. (This killer product weighs 7.5 kg for a roll that gives 10m coverage.)  

– Magnetic Paint is more labour intensive as it requires a minimum of 3 coats.

– Magnetic paint is cheaper per square metre.

As before, simply apply one coat of our whiteboard paint on top to get a magnetic and writable surface.

Get a Magnetic Wall in Any Colour

Use Smart Magnetic Paint or Smart Magnetic Wallcovering as a base for magnetic strength. Add the paint, wallpaper or digital print of your choice for colour or design.

Weekly Plan

Get a Writable and Magnetic Wall in any Colour

Follow the instructions above.

Topcoat with our whiteboard paint in a transparent finish : Smart Wall Paint Clear.

Get a Magnetic Chalkboard Wall

Choose Smart Magnetic Paint or Smart Magnetic Wallcovering as a base for magnetic strength. Topcoat with Smart Chalkboard Paint.

We hope you found this blog post interesting. How do you want to work on your walls ?

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