Reasons Why People Love Projector Paint

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Have you heard of Projector Paint?

It’s an innovative product that allows users to paint their own projection screen directly onto walls. People love it for their businesses, schools and even their home.

Interested in learning more? Check out some of the reasons people love projector paint below.

Projector Paint Is Easy To Apply

Forget about the hassle of installing a projector screen. Paint it directly onto your wall.

Simply measure the area you want to cover, prime the surface if untreated and apply two coats. 

It’s Also Quick To Use

Your surface will be ready to use as soon as the paint is dry. All you need to do then is turn on your projector and you’ll be ready to go.

Low Cost But High Quality

One of the main competitive advantages of this product, is that it is much cheaper than traditional projection screens. But the good news is, just because you are saving money does not mean you will be sacrificing on quality.

Projector Paint is a high quality product which will enable you to project the best quality images possible for meetings, presentations or personal use.

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No Hotspotting

One of the main issues people have with projection screens is hotspotting.

A Hotspot is a bright spot that can appear on your projection screen. This can make it difficult for everyone in the room to get a clear view of the image.

Projector Paint, unlike most projector screens does not hotspot. This means everyone in the area will have the perfect view of what you are projecting, no matter where they sit or their angle to the wall.

Make Your Projection Wall As Large As You Want

What size of projection wall would you like?

Your options with projection screens are limited as you have to choose between the sizes that the manufacturers have made available.

With Projector Paint, since you are applying directly onto your wall, you can make your projection screen as large or as small as you like.

This product is available in 6m2 tins, so simply choose the amount of tins that best fits your area.

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