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How A Digital Agency Can Create And Use Whiteboard Walls

We think that’s a great idea. Whiteboard walls are a great tool to help you in your day to day activities. From website design and development to client consultations, whiteboard walls are here to make your life easier and your work better. Check out how digital agency Big Pixel Creative created and use their very […]

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Convert Your Desk Into A Dry Erase Surface

Are you always trying to find something to write on when  on an important phone call? Are mountains of paper constantly piling up on your desk? It doesn’t have to be that way. Why not turn your desk into a dry erase surface with Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear? It’s so simple to apply, anyone […]

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Create Your Own Invisible Whiteboard Wall

So you want to install a whiteboard wall in your office, but you don’t want it to be white ? No problem. With Smart Wall Paint, our whiteboard paint, in Transparent, you can simply transform your own coloured walls into writable surfaces. This means it fits seamlessly into your office. The best part is when […]

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How Construction Companies Use Magnetic Digital Prints

Construction materials companies usually have a large number of staff. With the mining, quarrying and processing of construction materials, it’s no wonder why a large staff is necessary. So, how do you keep communication clear and open with so many people? We suggest using functional surfaces. Writable magnetic digital prints allow you to have areas […]

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How to apply Clear Dry Erase Paint

In today’s post we have provided a step-by-step guide and application video to assist you when applying clear dry erase paint to your surfaces. Smart Wall Paint Clear allows you to create a dry erase whiteboard surface in any colour, design or print and is an ideal alternative to large bulky whiteboards.     Step […]

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Applying Whiteboard Paint On Glass

One of the questions we get asked a lot is, can you use whiteboard paint on glass? The answer is yes! Smart Wall Paint White and Clear can be applied to any smooth surface. In this case, since you will be painting on glass, we’ll assume you want to use Smart Wall Paint Clear. Want […]

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