Projector Paint vs. Projector Screens

In today’s post we have provided a comparison of traditional projector screens with Smart Projector Paint in terms of sizing, application, appearance and cost, to allow you to make an educated decision when creating your projector surface.   Sizing A Projector Screen: The largest projector screen currently available is 525 cm in height and 700 […]

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Whiteboards vs. Whiteboard Paint

Whiteboards vs. Whiteboard Paint – which one is best? In today’s post we have compared our Magnetic Whiteboard Paint with traditional whiteboards under a series of headings to outline the main differences between the two products.                        Ghosting Our first comparison category was based on ‘ghosting’, […]

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4 Ways A Whiteboard Wall Is Different To A Whiteboard

When trying to choose a whiteboard product, you first need to work out which one is the best for option for you. This can get confusing with so many choices available. One such decision could be trying to work out whether you want to install a complete whiteboard wall or go for a traditional whiteboard […]


Whiteboard Paint vs. Whiteboard Wallcovering

Looking for a dry erase surface but not sure what product to choose? In this post we compare Smart Wall Paint and Smart Dry-Erase Wallcovering to assist you in figuring out what product is best for your needs. We have compared our whiteboard surface products in terms of sizing, application, appearance, maintenance and price. Sizing […]

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