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Smart Whiteboard Paint – All You Need To Know

How Much Does Whiteboard Paint Cost? Whiteboard Paint can cost anything from £10m2 to £60m2. How much whiteboard paint costs can depend on many factors. For example is it for a commercial project such as an office or a school? Or maybe it’s for a playroom for children. Installation will be a major factor. Will […]

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Transform Your School Staffroom With Magnetic Whiteboard Walls

If you’re a teacher, you probably pay a lot of attention to your classroom set up, ensuring you create the best learning environment possible. So why should your school staffroom be any different? Some of the most important school work occurs in the staffroom, with meetings and decisions being made daily. Don’t you think your […]

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What Magnetic Product To Choose: Super Magnetic Paint

Have you ever thought about adding magnetic functionality to your surfaces? Magnetic surfaces are a great addition to any office or classroom, and can benefit you in many ways, such as with organisation and productivity, just to name a few. We offer a range of magnetic products including paints, plaster and wallcoverings. Today we are […]

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Magnetic Dry Erase Surfaces: Which should you choose?

Want a dry erase and magnetic surface but not sure which product to choose? Well, you’re in luck. Today we will be discussing all of the magnetic and dry erase options that are available to you. This is to help you make an informed decision when choosing what magnetic dry erase surface to create. Magnetic […]

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Uses for a Magnetic Wall in Your Office

See things at a Glance On A Magnetic Wall Lets start with the most obvious yet most popular use of a magnetic wall. Simply stick anything you want to the wall so you can see it at a glance. In our office, people stick up to-do lists, project plans, contact details for people and lots […]

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How Strong is Magnetic Paint?

Bringing a magnetic wall into your office or classroom can be really beneficial. It can aid project planning, meetings and lessons. We’re sure you’ve heard this before. But different brands of magnetic paint say that they perform differently. So what do you believe? We are here to help. In this post we will tell you […]

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Refurbish Your Office: Ideas From Smarter Surfaces

So you want to update your office but are looking for some inspiration? Aside from some obvious ideas like buying pot plants or new crockery, here are some ideas you might not have considered before, if you are new to functional paints or wallcoverings : Whiteboard Walls If any of your people are lucky enough […]

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Layer Smarter Surfaces Products For More Functionality

Did you know that you can layer some of our products on top of another to achieve your desired functional wall ? This blog post looks at some of our most popular product combinations. Get a Writable and Magnetic Wall in White Layer Smart Wall Paint on top of Smart Magnetic Wallcovering The Magnetic wallpaper base […]

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Which Smarter Surfaces Products Can You Install Yourself? (Part 2)

This is the second in our series of which of our products can you install yourself rather than employing a professional. Part 1 detailed whiteboard paint and blackboard paint. Let’s continue by looking at other functional paints that anyone can apply : Install Magnetic Paint Yourself If you want a magnetically receptive wall, choose Smart […]

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What Magnetic Product Should You Update Your Walls With?

Thinking about adding magnetic functionality to your office or classroom? Then it’s time to choose what magnetic product is the best one for you. There are plenty of options out there to choose from. It really depends on what you are looking for in your product.  Check out some of the options available to you […]

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