What to Look Out for When Choosing a Functional Wallcovering

So you want a writable or magnetic or projection surface ? Confused with all the options available to you ? Perplexed by the wide price range ? We thought we might offer a short guide to differentiate between commercial wallcoverings such as our Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering and a whiteboard sticker or reusable peel and […]


3 Reasons To Love Smart Magnetic Plaster

Have you heard about Magnetic Plaster? This product is a high performance and commercial grade plaster that can transform any wall into a smooth and magnetic surface. If you’re looking to add magnetic functionality to your surface, or swap out magnetic panels, then take a look below to see three reasons to love Magnetic Plaster. […]

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Magnetic Wallcoverings: What You Need To Know

Are you considering adding a magnetic surface to your workspace or classroom? Try Smart Magnetic Wallcoverings. They are high-performance magnetic wallpapers that allow you to transform any wall into a smooth magnetic surface. Any wall or room can become a modern, clutter-free and collaborative working area. Want to know more? Then keep reading below to […]

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