Magnetic Chalkboard Paint: What You Need To Know

Think chalkboards are boring and belong in the past? Why not upgrade with some magnetic chalkboard paint?  Magnetic chalkboard surfaces no longer just belong in classrooms; they can now be frequently viewed in modern offices, restaurants and many other businesses. This solution is so versatile it can be used in any location and suit any […]

Uses for a Magnetic Wall in Your Office

See things at a Glance On A Magnetic Wall Lets start with the most obvious yet most popular use of a magnetic wall. Simply stick anything you want to the wall so you can see it at a glance. In our office, people stick up to-do lists, project plans, contact details for people and lots […]

Whiteboards vs. Whiteboard Paint

Whiteboards vs. Whiteboard Paint – which one is best? In today’s post we have compared our Magnetic Whiteboard Paint with traditional whiteboards under a series of headings to outline the main differences between the two products.                        Ghosting Our first comparison category was based on ‘ghosting’, […]

Convert Your Chalkboard Into a Whiteboard Wall

Tired of your chalkboard? Feel like a change? Consider updating your dusty old chalkboard to a modern clean whiteboard. Some of us have nostalgic memories of chalkboard paint, from school or childhood. There is still a huge fondness for these traditional products today, as evidenced by the increasing number in cafes and restaurants. But lets […]

Be Creative With Your Writable Walls

Do you want to work in a modern and productive working environment? Then it is time to get creative Install a whiteboard wall in your office and make changes to the way you work. It’s easier than you think. Get creative with your whiteboard wall and you can help meetings and everyday work tasks become […]

5 Reasons You Need Whiteboard Walls

Have you ever found your office whiteboards limited in size? Do they look old and out of date when compared with the rest of your office? Consider adding whiteboard walls to your office instead. But, how can you create whiteboard walls and what benefit are they to you ? Keep reading below and see 5 […]

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