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Why You Will Want To Choose Writable Wallpapers

Are you planning to update your surface in 2018? Why not try writable wallpapers? With a writable wallpaper you can transform any surface, of any size, into a writable area. It’s perfect for collaboration. Read below and check out some of the reasons we think you’ll want to choose writable wallpapers in 2018. Writable Wallpapers […]

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Why You Should Swap Whiteboards For Dry Erase Walls

Ever thought about updating the old whiteboards in your office? Why not turn your wall into a dry erase surface. It’s easy with whiteboard paint or dry erase wallcoverings. There are a lot of benefits of having dry erase walls. Read just some of them below. Size Whiteboards can be really limited in size, can’t […]

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Creating The Longest Writable Wall Possible

The Innovation Factory (IF) is a purpose-built hub featuring workspace filled with energy and imagination. With vibrant features designed in collaboration with fashion designer and entrepreneur Wayne Hemingway MBE, Innovation Factory is the five-star home to Belfast’s hotbed of entrepreneurial talent.” All the businesses in the hub are seen as innovative companies with potential for growth. […]


Questions To Ask When Choosing Whiteboard Wallpaper

Interested in purchasing a whiteboard wallpaper? No matter what functional wallpaper you are looking to install on your surface, it can be a good idea to ask some questions regarding the product. This way you know everything you need to know, before the wallpaper is applied to your surface Keep reading and check out some […]

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Differences Between Whiteboard Wallcoverings and Paints

You’ve decided that you want to add dry erase functionality to your workspace. That’s a great choice. Having whiteboard walls can be really beneficial to how you brainstorm, project plan and even how you organise your day. Now, you have to choose your product. Our range currently consists of two types of whiteboard products: wallcoverings […]

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How Whiteboard Paint Can Improve Meetings

  So you want to have constructive meetings? It can be difficult to keep people engaged during meetings. Traditionally, in meetings, one person stands up at a flip chart or whiteboard, while everyone else sits around the table and watches. Where is the engagement? How We Use our Walls in Meetings In the past week […]

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Wallpapers You Can Really Write On

Tired of having limited space to work on? Want to make your office more eco-friendly and reduce the amount of paper you use? Writable wallpapers could be your solution. Yes, we really mean it. Smarter Surfaces has two writable wallpapers in our current product range. These are Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering and Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering: […]


Whiteboard Paint vs. Whiteboard Wallcovering

Looking for a dry erase surface but not sure what product to choose? In this post we compare Smart Wall Paint and Smart Dry-Erase Wallcovering to assist you in figuring out what product is best for your needs. We have compared our whiteboard surface products in terms of sizing, application, appearance, maintenance and price. Sizing […]


Whiteboards V Whiteboard Paint V Dry Erase Wallcovering

Today we are going to be comparing whiteboards, whiteboard paint and dry erase wallcoverings all at once. We will be looking into attributes such as sizing, application, appearance and product maintenance. This post aims to help you make an informed decision on which product will be the best option for your surface. Sizing The size […]

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How To Use A Whiteboard Surface

Ever been interested in having a whiteboard surface in your office? Maybe you’re curious what benefits it could possible have? Apply Smart Wall Paint or Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering and you can have a whiteboard surface in any shape and size you choose. But how can you use them ? Below you’ll find just some […]

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