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Whiteboard Paint Vs Chalkboard Paint – Choosing the Right One

Deciding to modify your workspace into an innovative working and learning environment is the first step. The second is the decision of whiteboard paint vs chalkboard paint. With such a wide range of products available, it can be difficult to know which will suit you best. Do you go with a modern whiteboard finish or […]

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Motivate Your Sales Team With Writable Walls

Every business is in some way concerned with revenue. Whether you sell products or services, you’ll have a weekly, monthly or yearly sales target to hit. It’s important then, to keep your sales team invested and motivated to meet their individual and team targets. There are many incentives that you can consider. Each with their […]


Why Should You Transform Walls into Working Surfaces?

Are you using the most of your existing space ? Think of walls, desks, doors, corridors, entire meeting rooms, cafes even. Are you making the most of your space ? It’s time to transform your walls into working areas. Read below and think about how you could work and communicate better with your team and […]

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3 Ways to Use A Writable And Magnetic Wall

Does your meeting room need an upgrade? Thinking of replacing your office whiteboards and magnetic panels with functional surfaces? Then check out three ways to use a writable and magnetic wall in your space. Simplify Planning with a Writable And Magnetic Wall Launching a new product? Using a writable and magnetic wall is an easy way […]

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We Have A Whiteboard Product For Everybody

Not sure which whiteboard product is the right one for you? Well, we have a dry erase solution for everyone. Paints or wallpapers, there is plenty to choose from. Need a writable surface in a hurry? Want one in any colour you choose? No problem. Keep reading below and find the perfect whiteboard product for […]

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Wallpapers You Can Really Write On

Tired of having limited space to work on? Want to make your office more eco-friendly and reduce the amount of paper you use? Writable wallpapers could be your solution. Yes, we really mean it. Smarter Surfaces has two writable wallpapers in our current product range. These are Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering and Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering: […]

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