Trade In Your Whiteboard For Whiteboard Wall Paint


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Are you getting tired of never having enough space with your current whiteboard?

We know how you feel.

Trying to have productive meetings can be a hassle with traditional whiteboards. They’re hard to see and only one person can use it at a time.

Now imagine having an entire wall as your whiteboard. A wall where you can collaborate with your colleagues, make your meetings interactive and get creative with your work.

Sound interesting?

Well, Smart Wall Paint can make that a reality for you. This whiteboard wall paint can transform entire rooms into large dry erase surfaces.

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When you can have this


After all, You don’t serve this at a dinner party :


But how can whiteboard wall paint really benefit you? Find out by reading below.

Transform Meetings

With Smart Wall Paint, everyone can get up and moving during meeting time. Colleagues can work together brainstorming and writing their ideas directly on to the walls. 

No more scribbling in notepads. Whiteboard walls let you visualize your ideas on a large scale. 

Want to change something? No problem! Just wipe and start again. Once you’re done, just take a photo and send to everyone involved.

When your entire meeting room is a whiteboard you can guarantee that you’ll never have an unproductive meeting again.  

Optimize Communication 

Want to increase productivity in your workplace? Then communication is the place to start.

After all, how can you expect to optimize the way you work if you can’t efficiently communicate with your colleagues?

One great way of increasing communication is by designating a whiteboard wall to each department in your office.

Not only will members of each team be able to collaborate with each other in the one place, other teams will also be able to keep informed on what different departments are currently working on.

It really is a win win situation.

Be Smart With Your Time

Your time at work is precious. Don’t waste it creating and printing off office agendas.

Just walk up to your wall and write your agendas up there instead.

This way everyone in the office will be able to see it at a glance. You won’t have to waste your time handing out printouts or making sure everyone is aware of the agenda.

Don’t waste time, use whiteboard walls instead.

Go Paperless

Are you wasting all of your paper printing out need to know information for your staff members?

Save trees, and your wallet, by going paperless.

Things are always changing, which means your staff members constantly need to be updated. So why not write all new information up on the wall?

This way you won’t be wasting paper and you can rest assured that your colleagues will always be up to date.

Ditch your whiteboards and install whiteboard wall paint today.

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