Transform Your Surface With Magnetic Plaster

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Have you heard about Magnetic Plaster?

It’s a two-coat plaster that allows you to create a high performing magnetic surface in your office or classroom.

Want to learn how you can transform your surface, and what some of the benefits of this product may be? Then keep reading below.

Top Three Benefits Of Magnetic Plaster

We think the top three benefits of choosing magnetic plaster are:

It’s Really Strong

Unlike many of the magnetic products out there, Magnetic Plaster will provide you a very strong magnetic surface.

Our Magnetic Plaster has 67% magnetite content making it the strongest magnetic product in our range. In simple terms, this means that magnetic plaster can hold a lot of weight.

It is Pre-mixed

Most Magnetic Plasters available on the market need to be mixed during the application process.

This product comes pre-mixed which saves you this additional step.

It Can Improve The Quality Of Your Surface

Maybe your wall isn’t in the best condition ? With Magnetic Plaster this isn’t a problem. In fact, when you apply this product, it actually improves the quality of your wall.

This means it will be perfectly smooth and have a great functionality for you to use.

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But how do you apply this product? Check out the steps below.


Measure the area you wish to cover, ensuring you have a total of 2kg of magnetic plaster per 1 sq. metre (10.6 sq. feet)


Inspect your surface, making sure that it is clean, dry and capable of supporting the magnetic plaster.

Cover any edges, light switches or fittings with masking tape.

Apply a coat of Smart White Primer to seal the surface. Ensure the primer is dry before applying your product


Once you have opened your container of plaster, mix it well and do not dilute as it is ready to use.

Apply – Coat 1

If you are a professional installer, apply 1kg per 1 sq. metre (10.6 sq. feet), or 1.2mm per coat, using a steel trowel.

If you are a non-professional installer, weigh out 1kg of plaster on a scales.

Apply this over an area of 1 sq. metre (10.6 sq. feet) with a plastering blade.

Once applied, spread the plaster evenly across the area with a short pile roller sleeve and repeat this process on the next 1 sq. metre area (10.6 sq. feet).

Smooth Coat 1

Once your plaster has become partially dry, use a steel trowel to smooth the surface.

Allow this coat a minimum of six hours drying time before applying the second coat.

Apply Coat 2

Repeat previous steps to apply and smooth coat 2.

Inspect Your Surface

Check if your surface is uneven or has any imperfections after the second coat has dried.

If you spot any imperfections, apply a thin layer of plaster and lightly skim it over the surface with a smooth edged trowel to ensure an even, smooth finish.

Drying Time

Allow the surface to dry for a minimum of 24 hours and lightly sand the surface and smooth out any imperfections.

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