What Magnetic Product Should You Update Your Walls With?

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Thinking about adding magnetic functionality to your office or classroom? Then it’s time to choose what magnetic product is the best one for you.

There are plenty of options out there to choose from. It really depends on what you are looking for in your product. 

Check out some of the options available to you below to help you with your choice.

Is Magnetic Paint The Magnetic Product For You?

Create a magnetic surface in any size or shape with this magnetic product.

It’s got 50% magnetite, making it a medium strength magnetic product so perfect for meeting rooms and offices who are looking to stick up a few pieces of paper.

Want to know exactly how strong Magnetic Paint is? Then check out this video.

This paint is also an extremely cost effective product meaning that you can create a high quality magnetic surface on a budget.

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Is Magnetic Plaster The Magnetic Product For You?

Or perhaps you’re looking a stronger magnetic surface? The Magnetic Plaster could be the product for you.

This one contains 67% magnetite which is our strongest magnetically receptive product. It’s a great fit for commercial settings, especially for those who want to hang heavy items such as picture frames on their wall.

One of the best things that makes Smart Magnetic Plaster stand out from other magnetic plasters is that is comes pre-mixed. This saves you a lot of time during application.

Is Magnetic Wallpaper The Magnetic Product For You?

Need a magnetic product that will add functionality to your surface in a hurry? Then choose Smart Magnetic Wallcovering.

It can be rapidly and easily installed on to any wall and will be ready to use as a magnetic surface in just 48 hours.

You wall isn’t perfectly smooth? No problem. It will be once you apply this magnetic product.

So, now you’ve seen our current range of magnetic products, now it’s time to make your choice.

Watch out for our latest magnetic products coming soon. We’ll have a whole series of blog posts dedicated to our magnetic range

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