What Magnetic Product To Choose: Super Magnetic Paint

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Have you ever thought about adding magnetic functionality to your surfaces?

Magnetic surfaces are a great addition to any office or classroom, and can benefit you in many ways, such as with organisation and productivity, just to name a few.

We offer a range of magnetic products including paints, plaster and wallcoverings.

Today we are going to talk to you about  the latest addition to our magnetic range: Super Magnetic Paint.

Keep reading below to find out why you should choose the best magnetic paint yet.

The Easiest Magnetic Product To Install  

Super Magnetic Paint is one of the easiest magnetic products that you can install.

It goes on like any regular paint, so you don’t need to bring in any professional help.

All you have to do is choose a smooth surface that is free of any cracks or holes and begin applying Super Magnetic Paint.

For best results we recommend applying a total of four coats and sanding your surface between each coat.

For a complete application guide, click here.

It’s Our Strongest Magnetic Paint Yet  

When choosing between different magnetic products, it is important to consider how strong you would like your surface to be.

Super Magnetic Paint is the second magnetic paint we have created for our magnetic range. So, how does it differ from Smart Magnetic Paint?

Well, Super Magnetic Paint is 60% magnetite as opposed to Smart Magnetic Paint which is 50% magnetite.

This 10% magnetite difference means that Super Magnetic Paint will provide you with a stronger magnetic surface, allowing you to stick more things of heavier weight to your wall than with Smart Magnetic Paint.

Interested in what the strongest magnetic product in our magnetic range is? Find out all about Smart Magnetic Plaster here.


Super Magnetic Paint Is Fully Customisable  

Super Magnetic Paint gives you the opportunity to customise your walls however you like.

After you have applied Super Magnetic Paint, you can topcoat your surface with any colour paint that you like.

You don’t need to worry about whether or not a magnetic wall will fit into your office decor.

With Super Magnetic Paint you have full control of what your magnetic wall looks like, letting it blend seamlessly into your environment.

You can even combine this paint with other Smarter Surfaces products to add additional functionality to your wall.

Why not topcoat your surface with Smart Whiteboard Paint in White or Clear and create your very own magnetic whiteboard wall?

With Super Magnetic Paint the choice really is up to you.

Think Super Magnetic Paint is the product for you? Then click here.

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