What to Look Out for When Choosing a Functional Wallcovering


So you want a writable or magnetic or projection surface ? Confused with all the options available to you ? Perplexed by the wide price range ?

We thought we might offer a short guide to differentiate between commercial wallcoverings such as our Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering and a whiteboard sticker or reusable peel and stick alternative.

Peel and stick options may well be what you looking for, but before you hit that “purchase” button, read on to ensure you are making an informed decision.

Commercial Grade Wallcoverings

Our products are created for commercial workspaces. We expect that they will be used daily, and over and over again. That’s what we designed them for.

Compare Coverage and Weight

When you are comparing and contrasting writable, projectable or magnetic wall solutions, do check if the coverage of the product you are considering. Our wallcoverings come in per metre sizes up to a 10 metre coverage roll. 10 metres is the equivalent of 6 parking spaces. That’s quite a large surface area.  Alternate solutions may just offer A4 sizes.

Secondly, note the weight of the product. For example, our Smart Magnetic Wallcovering weighs approximately 15 kg. This should illustrate the size and quality of the product you are buying. This is not like a regular role of wallpaper you would buy in your local DIY store and carry home under your arm.

Performance Guarantees

We are so confident in the enduring performance of our wallcoverings, that we are happy to offer a ten year no quibble performance guarantee with each one.

Innovation Through Research and Development

Research and development underpin all of our products.  Our products can take up to two years to make it through our research programme to live launch.

We take inspiration from the leading global commercial shows such as Orgatec and Heimtextil.

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Our name is on all of our Wallcoverings

We are not a portal site. We do not sell a wide range of whiteboard, magnetic or projection solutions. Our website does not sell third party paints or wallcoverings or plaster.

We only sell what we create and commercialise ourselves (or where specialist manufacturers manufacture under license to our specification)..

Two in One Functionality

You can choose a whiteboard wallcovering or a magnetic wallcovering from us. For more functionality, why not consider a wallcovering that gives 2 functionalities in just one product ? Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering offers both projection and dry erase functionality in one great product.

These 6 points are just some of the reasons you should choose Smarter Surfaces’ products over cheaper Peel and Stick Alternatives. Our wallcoverings are high quality, come with a 10 year guarantee AND are easy to apply. What more could you want?

Have you any questions regarding our products? Call us on the relevant number below:

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