Whiteboards vs. Whiteboard Paint

Whiteboards vs. Whiteboard Paint – which one is best? In today’s post we have compared our Magnetic Whiteboard Paint with traditional whiteboards under a series of headings to outline the main differences between the two products. 


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Our first comparison category was based on ‘ghosting’, an issue where whiteboard surfaces become permanently stained with faded marker over time. This is a common issue that occurs when we frequently/heavily use traditional whiteboards. Often, people cannot remove these stains and resort to buying a new whiteboard. However, with our whiteboard paint, customers receive a 10 year guarantee. We also supply a range of cleaning and maintenance supplies that will keep your whiteboard surface in top condition – and many of these accessories are included in our whiteboard paint kits.Whiteboard vs. Whiteboard Paint | Smarter Surfaces


When installing traditional whiteboards, a professional will usually be needed to mount the board at a straight angle and to ensure it is firmly attached to the wall. When it comes to applying our whiteboard paint, anyone can do it! We have in-depth application guides and videos available on our site for the majority of our products, meaning you can easily create and install a whiteboard surface yourself.Whiteboard vs. Whiteboard Paint | Smarter Surfaces


Traditional whiteboards are non-biodegradable meaning they will not break down over time. When no longer in use, whiteboards are sent to landfills and cannot be recycled. Overall they have an extremely taxing effect on our environment. In contrast and unlike standard paints, our dry-erase Smart Wall Paint is low in VOC meaning it is solvent free and not harmful to the environment. Once you no longer wish to use your whiteboard paint you can simply paint over it.

Whiteboard vs. Whiteboard Paint | Smarter Surfaces


Appearance is one of the main contrasts between our dry-erase paint, Smart Wall Paint, and traditional whiteboards. You can seamlessly incorporate Smart Wall Paint into any space – walls, desks, doors and more. Unlike a traditional whiteboard, it isn’t framed by a metal/plastic border. Whiteboard paint is adaptable and can be tailored and sized specifically to fit the area you wish to cover. Traditional whiteboards are bulky and usually comprise of the whiteboard itself, along with a chunky and unattractive bordering frame. In some cases this is also a health and safety hazard, especially within classrooms and schools, as there is a risk of the whiteboard falling from the wall.

Whiteboard vs. Whiteboard Paint | Smarter Surfaces


Last but not least, we have compared traditional whiteboards with whiteboard paint in terms of colours available. There are some traditional whiteboards on the market that are available in different colours, but typically these whiteboards are small in size – usually a maximum of 2m². Alternatively, you can buy our Whiteboard paint in both white and clear shades. This means you can apply our clear whiteboard paint on top of any coloured wall – or even wallpaper. This gives you endless options in terms of colour and size when creating your whiteboard surface.Whiteboard vs. Whiteboard Paint | Smarter Surfaces

So there you have it, a categorical overview and a helpful tool when deciding if you want to buy a whiteboard or whiteboard paint.

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