Why You Should Swap Whiteboards For Dry Erase Walls


Ever thought about updating the old whiteboards in your office?

Why not turn your wall into a dry erase surface. It’s easy with whiteboard paint or dry erase wallcoverings.

There are a lot of benefits of having dry erase walls. Read just some of them below.


Whiteboards can be really limited in size, can’t they?

What if instead of just purchasing the largest whiteboard possible, which can be really expensive, you could transform your walls into dry erase walls?

You can with Smart Wall Paint and Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering.

You’ll no longer be limited by the size of your whiteboard, instead you can decide how large you want your dry erase walls to be. Your only limit will be the size of your surfaces.

In order to do this with traditional whiteboards you’d have to apply multiple of them across your wall. This would still limit the space you could use and would not be very appealing to look at.

Ease of Application

Why go through the pain of whiteboard application? They can be tricky, awkward and often rely on the work of a professional installer.

Smart Wall Paint is extremely easy to apply and goes straight onto your wall. As the product is low VOC and low odour you can even apply it while people are still working in the room.

Additionally, once the product is mixed you have one hour to apply the paint to your wall so depending on the size you wish to cover it can take no time at all to finish. Watch the easy to follow application video here

Perhaps you’re looking for a wallpaper finish? Dry Erase Wallpaper is incredibly quick to put up. 

We’ve seen it applied by professionals, just like a regular wallpaper and it took less than an hour!

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When you’ve had a whiteboard for a while you can often discover that ghosting becomes a problem.

Ghosting is when the surface of a whiteboard/ whiteboard wall won’t fully erase, leaving behind stains and stray marks which can make your whiteboard look dirty or make it hard to read.

This isn’t the case with a whiteboard wall. Both Smart Wall Paint and Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering are non-ghosting products which come with a 10 year and 5 year guarantee. So your dry erase walls will stay in perfect condition. 

These are both high quality products which have no harsh or cheap chemicals. These factors help it prevent poor erasability such as the likes of ghosting.


You’ll want a whiteboard surface that will work but it also matters how it looks in your office.

Regular whiteboards can look clunky and look ugly on your wall. They can often be surrounded by a plastic board which can cheapen the product’s appearance.

Smart Wall Paint and Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering are both applied directly onto your wall and fit in seamlessly with the look of your office.

But that’s not all.

Smart Wall Paint comes in both a white and clear option meaning you can have dry erase walls in any colour that you want.

It is that simple.

Why stick with outdated whiteboards when you can have dry erase walls instead?  

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