Why You Will Want To Choose Writable Wallpapers

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Are you planning to update your surface in 2018?

Why not try writable wallpapers?

With a writable wallpaper you can transform any surface, of any size, into a writable area. It’s perfect for collaboration.

Read below and check out some of the reasons we think you’ll want to choose writable wallpapers in 2018.

Writable Wallpapers and Meetings

Struggling to keep your meetings effective?

Do messages get lost with everyone sat around a desk staring at laptops or phones ?

You probably find your whiteboard doesn’t help.

But writable wallpapers can. Try Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering.

With a writable surface you can transform your whole meeting room into a writable surface.

Get everyone up from the table. Try a stand-up meeting.Get people working writing on walls.

Everyone will get the chance to explore ideas on the wall, design, or plan projects without running out of space.

Once you’re done, simply take a photo of the wall and wipe it all away. Your meeting room will be good as new and ready for the next meeting.

Writable Wallpapers and Office Walls

Does your office need a new look? Are your tired of clutter filled desks?

You can never find anything in the sea of paper.

No one needs that stress.

Try adding writable wallpaper to your office walls instead.

Instead of trying to keep track of notes on post-its or keeping projects in sheets or docs, , you can have them all on your wall instead.

Think of how easy it could be.

Need to remember something important? No problem. It will be right next to you on the wall.

Without the need for so much paper, you’ll find that not only do you have a space dedicated to project planning and brainstorming, you’ll also be able to work much more efficiently.

2019 is around the corner. Make this the year to update how you work. Do it with writable wallpapers like Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering

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