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Create a blackboard surface with a durable matt black finish using Smart Chalkboard Paint. This is a high quality, commercial grade product allowing you to create a writable surface in your school, office or home. Easy to use with any dry chalk, liquid chalk or chalk crayons. Wipes away easily with a dry or wet cloth for endless creativity.

Get inspired with our chalkboard paint and draw or write anything on this versatile product. Add magnetic functionality by applying one of our magnetic products underneath. Ideal for use in the home office, classroom and for creating that retro look in restaurants, bars and galleries.

Just get in touch with us if you would need any advice on choosing the right product for your project. If you like, you can also send us a photo of the area you would like to transform and we will support you with ideas and suggestions that are most suitable for you.
The application shouldn’t be a hassle. In case of any doubts, we are happy to help and advise you through the steps.

Key Features

  • Commercial grade performance
  • Scratch resistant
  • Kit includes application accessories
  • Easy to apply – Two coat application with simple application guide
  • Ready to use in just 24 hours
  • Environmental: Isocyanates free, Low VOC, solvent free
  • Certification: VOC (less than 11g/l)
  • Performance guaranteed for 5 years
  • Volume discounts available

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Delivery Information

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Smart Chalkboard Paint Technical Specifications

Coverage / Volume / Weight:

  • 6m² / 750ml / 1.15kg
  • Product Colour: Black (9004)
  • Product Finish: Matt
  • Odour: Very low
  • VOC: Less than 11g/l

Primer: A water based primer must be used bare, untreated surfaces
Suitable Surfaces: walls, desks, furniture, glass, partitions, or any smooth non-porous surface
Can be applied around people as it is a low odor, PFOA & PFOS free and low VOC product

Produced with writable surface technology that has been well-proven for over a decade.


Kit Contents

Your Blackboard Paint Kit will include

  • 1 x 6m² Smart Chalkboard Paint
  • 1 x Roller Handle
  • 1 x Roller Sleeve

Chalkboard Paint Installation

Application is very easily done and therefore professional installation is not needed for our Smart Chalkboard Paint on your wall.

The first thing you have to be sure about before applying the Chalkboard Paint, is that your surface is smooth. Only then the best final results can be guaranteed. If your surface is bare or untreated, a water based primer must be installed before applying blackboard paint . Our Smart White Primer was specially formulated to work with our paints, including the chalk board paint.

Apply the primer first, allow it to dry, after that apply one coat of our chalkboard paint. When the first coat is dry (approx. 2 hour) you can apply the second coat. Our detailed application guide is explaining the installation step-by-step.

Prefer to talk the steps through with our excellent customer service and support team or have another question? Don’t hesitate to contact us!


Why Buy Smart Chalkboard Paint?

Smart Chalkboard Paint is a high performance blackboard paint that can transform any smooth surface into a writable area. Our blackboard paint is ideal for classroom activities, writing menu specials, and kitchen lists. We guarantee our chalkboard paint for 5 years.

Smarter Surfaces’ chalkboard wall paint is an eco-friendly choice with unbeatable low VOC levels in the industry in comparison to competitors. All our products are isocyanate free and are safe to apply with people in the room with some ventilation.

Unlike traditional blackboards, with Smarter Surfaces Chalkboard Paint you’ll have unlimited space to work. You could even create blackboard areas over the area of a whole wall – Your workspace will be on a completely different level.

You can upgrade to magnetic chalkboard paint by simply applying one of our magnetic products like Super Magnetic Paint under the blackboard paint.

Smarter Surfaces is a world leader in providing surface solutions including our blackboard paint. Smart Chalkboard Paint is currently one of the best performing chalkboard paints on the market. It is a high quality and reliable alternative to traditional blackboards and outperforms all competitor products.

Volume Discounts, Professionals, Trade and Education

Our products are unbeatable regarding quality and performance. On top of that, we provide volume discounts for our customers with large order quantities.

Just get in touch to find out more.

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What surfaces can I apply Smart Blackboard Paint onto?

Smart Blackboard Paint is suitable for use on plaster, wallboards, wood, metal, plastic and concrete. For indoor use only.

What accessories can I use to write on my chalkboard surface?

Use this surface just like a normal blackboard or chalkboard.
Use standard chalk, chalkboard markers and dry erase crayons to write on your surface.

How should I clean my blackboard surface?

Clean with a regular blackboard duster, micro fibre eraser cloth or Smart Sponge.
A chalky residue will remain when cleaning with a dry cloth.
This can be removed by using a damp cloth.

Do I need to treat the surface first?

Prime bare, untreated surfaces with Smart White Primer (Why? A Primer seals the surface. This means any coating will remain on the surface and not be absorbed into the surface, giving maximum performance).


Check out the full list of FAQs for Smart Chalkboard Paint here.


How is Smart Chalkboard Paint applied?

Smart Chalkboard Paint Reviews

Smart Chalkboard Paint

We LOVE your blackboard paint!! It dried really quickly.

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Smart Chalkboard Paint

Smart Blackboard Paint is a key tool for any business which creates an environment full of teamwork, communication and collaboration.

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