Smart Magnetic Plaster

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Smart Magnetic Plaster is the UK’s highest performance, commercial-grade magnetic plaster used to transform any wall into a smooth, magnetic surface. It will transform your surface into the ultimate high performing magnetic area for collaboration and productivity.

Containing an incredible 75% magnetite, this is our strongest magnetically receptive product. It will hold eight plus pages with one magnet and will remain magnetically receptive even when heavy materials are applied on top. The incredible magnetically receptive pull makes this product suitable when serious performance is required.

Smart Magnetic Plaster comes pre-mixed and is applied just like any standard plaster. Once dry, cover with paint, a digital print or wallcovering of your choice.

If you need any assistance you can Contact Us or send us a photograph of your space and we can recommend which product would be best for your plans. Unsure about installation? Check out our application video, read our application guide or contact us, we are here to help and advise you through the steps.

Key Features:

  • 10-year product guarantee
  • Hold 8+ A4 pages with one magnet
  • Easy installation and application – 2 coat application with simple application and video guide
  • Ready to use or paint over in just 24 hours
  • Environmentally friendly: Exceeds all British Standards – VOC free, solvent free, PFOA & PFOS free and isocyanates free
  • Suitable for commercial interiors
  • Great for preparing poor surfaces
  • Does not interfere with WIFI or signals
  • Volume discounts available

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Delivery Information

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Smart Magnetic Plaster Technical Specifications

Coverage / Volume / Weight:

  • 6m² / 3.8l / 10kg
  • Product Colour: Black
  • Product Finish: Matt
  • Magnetic Content: 75% magnetite
  • Odour: None
  • VOC: less than 13g/l, Solvent free & Isocyanates free

Suitable Surfaces: walls, plaster, concrete, wood or any smooth surface


Kit Contents

Your kit will include

  • 1 x Magnetic Plaster ( 6m²)

Smart Magnetic Plaster Installation

For best results, we recommend applying a total of 2 coats (all included in the tin and pre-mixed) of plaster to your surface. Additional coats can be applied if extreme levels of magnetic pull are desired.
You must ensure your surface is smooth before application in order to achieve the best finish on your new surface. A water-based primer should be used before applying Smart Magnetic Plaster, we recommend using our Smart White Primer. If the surface is previously painted no primer is required.

Once the area is primed, apply the first coat of plaster according to the instructions. Wait until the first coat is touch dry before applying the second.

After applying the final layer, allow the surface to dry for a minimum of 12 hours before overcoating or applying a paint colour, digital print or wallpaper of your choice. A full and more detailed application guide is available to help you apply our Smart Magnetic Plaster.

You can also view our Magnetic Plaster application video to see how you can apply it correctly.

Have any questions? We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and support, just get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help.


Why Buy Smart Magnetic Plaster?

Reinvent your workspace and modernise entire offices, meeting rooms, classrooms or any other collaborative spaces with Smart Magnetic Plaster. Our magnetic surface solutions are designed to increase and improve the creativity and productivity of your team, staff or students.

Reinvent entire workspaces or any other collaborative spaces with Smart Magnetic Plaster. Our magnetic surface solutions are designed to increase and improve the creativity and productivity of your team, staff or students.
Smart Magnetic Plaster is one of the strongest magnetic wall solutions on the market. It is a high-quality alternative to heavy magnetic sheets and is up to 6 times stronger than competitors products. We guarantee our magnetic plaster for 10 yearsnd our quality guarantee is vouched for by independent certifications.

Smart Magnetic Plaster is an innovative product that allows you to have unlimited space to create and work with. You can transform entire walls into a magnetic surface quickly and easily, while also having the option to add more functionality.

Our Smart Magnetic Plaster can be top-coated with Smart Whiteboard Paint for a dual function dry erase and magnetic surface. If you want to create a multifunctioning dry-erase magnetic surface you have the option to topcoat with our white or clear Whiteboard paints.

It’s crucial to use high-quality magnets with our magnetic products. We recommend using our Smart Neo-Magnets. Your new magnetic surface can be used for brainstorming sessions with co-workers and clients, planning and scheduling, project management, presentations, collaborating and much more.

Smarter Surfaces’ Magnetic Plaster is an environmentally friendly plaster with industry-beating credentials. This product is a VOC free, solvent-free and isocyanate-free composition when compared to competitors. We are PFOA & PFOS free and isocyanate free in all our coatings which means it’s safe to apply with people in the room and won’t cause any headaches or related health issues.

If you don’t need a product with as strong a magnetic hold, our Smart Magnetic Paint will hold up to 4 A4 pages with one magnet.

You can also request a sample of Smart Magnetic Plaster if you want to test its performance first.

Volume Discounts, Professionals, Trade and Education

Not only do we exceed our competitors when it comes to the quality and performance of our products that offer a 10-year performance guarantee but we also offer volume discounts.

The larger the surface you’re looking to modify, the more money you can save. We offer discounts on bulk purchases, simply get in touch to learn more.

Looking for a trade discount as a specifier, contractor, or educator? Join our professional programmes and benefit from discounts, free shipping, exclusive offers and much more.

Register for our Professional & Trade Programme now.

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How strong is Magnetic Plaster?

With 75% magnetite content, compared to 55% in Smart Magnetic Paint, this is the strongest magnetic product available. Smart Magnetic Plaster can hold 8 pages.


What colour is Magnetic Plaster?

This plaster is grey in colour due to its magnetite content. Just like any plaster, Smart Magnetic Plaster is a base product. Topcoat in the colour, design or pattern of your choice. Use paint, a digital print or a wallcovering for a great finish as well as functionality.


Are the necessary coats in each tin of Magnetic Plaster?

Yes, all the coats required are supplied within the tin. For Magnetic Plaster you will require 2 coats of plaster.


Can Smart Magnetic Plaster be applied on any surface?

Yes magnetic plaster can be applied on any surface and will help smooth rough or uneven surfaces ( much like regular plaster).


What type of magnets can be used with Smart Magnetic Plaster?

With Smart Magnetic Plaster any magnet can be used. For heavy objects we recommend using stronger magnets such as neodymium or rare earth magnets. Choose Smart Neo Magnets from our accessories section.



For more information, see our full FAQs section for Magnetic Plaster here.


How do I apply Smart Magnetic Plaster?

Smart Magnetic Plaster Reviews

Smart Magnetic Plaster

The wall has been phenomenal. The plaster has been easy to apply (I’ve done it myself).


Mago Studios

10 out of

Smart Magnetic Plaster

The product works great.
We did struggle to get a smooth surface, but I think that is because we had never used a product like this before.
By the last conference room we were doing much better.
Thank you


Kyle Millet, LC | Lifestyle Communities

9 out of