Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint – White

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Transform your space into a magnetic and writable surface with Britain’s number one Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint White Bundle. Eliminate the need for hanging whiteboards and metal sheets and simply write and stick magnets directly on your wall. Performance guaranteed for 10 years.

Open up the possibilities for your workspace with our white Magnetic Whiteboard Paint Bundle and boost your team’s creativity, productivity and focus with this revolutionary product. Enjoy the benefits of our high-performance magnetic paint alongside our top-performing dry erase functionality all in one easy to apply bundle. This kit includes everything you need to create your new surface.

Are you unsure which product is best for your project? Send us a picture of your space or get in touch and we can discuss the best approach and recommend product options for you to choose what will work best for your plans. Unsure about installation?  Check out our easy to follow application guide and application video.

Key Features:

  • 10-year product guarantee
  • Commercial-grade performance, with no ghosting and no staining
  • Kit includes application accessories
  • Magnetic Performance: Holds 4 sheets of A4 paper
  • Use with any high-quality whiteboard markers and accessories
  • Easy to apply with easy to follow application and video guide
  • Ready to use in just 4 days
  • Environmental: Exceeds all British Standards – Isocyanates free, Low VOC, Solvent Free
  • Certification for LEED, M1, VOC (less than 13g/l)  and Indoor Air Comfort
  • Certification for Fire – Euroclass B
  • Volume discounts available

Delivery Information


Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint – White Technical Specifications

6m²  & 2m²
Volume / Weight:
6m² Magnetic Coat – 1900ml / 5.56kg
6m² Whiteboard Topcoat – 369ml / 490g
2m² Magnetic Coat – 950ml / 2.28kg
2m² Whiteboard Topcoat – 141ml (/ 187g
Product Colour (Top Coat): White (Ral 9003)
Product Finish: Gloss
Gloss Measurement: 98 GU at 60 degrees
Magnetic Content: 60% magnetite
Odour: Very low
VOC: Less than 13g/l
Primer: A water based primer (included in kit) must be used before applying Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint White to any surface
Suitable Surfaces: walls, desks, furniture, glass, partitions, or any smooth surface

Manufactured with over a decade of proven magnetic and whiteboard surface technology.


Kit Contents

Your kit will include:

Smart Magnetic Paint
Smart Whiteboard Paint
Smart White Primer
2 x Smart Neo Magnets (Neodymium)
1 x Micro-Fibre Cloth
1 x Surface Decal
1 x Application Guide
1 x Roller Handle
3 x Roller Sleeve
1 x Sanding Block
1 x Stirring Stick
1 x Latex Gloves


Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint – White Installation

Our Magnetic Whiteboard Paint – White does not require professional installation. Anyone can apply this magnetic dry erase paint bundle by following the instructions in our application guide or by following the steps from our application video.

It is essential that your surface is smooth before application. A smooth surface will ensure you achieve the best final results. Apply at least three coats of the Magnetic Paint, sanding lightly between each application. If desired, you can apply additional layers for a stronger magnetically responsive surface.

The water-based primer found in your kit must then be used before applying Smart Whiteboard Paint to your surface.

You will need to apply three coats of the white primer or until the magnetic paint is white. Simply apply the primer, allow it to dry, then paint the next coat. You want to make sure all the grey from the magnetic paint is covered and white. After, you can apply the whiteboard paint. Once the dry-erase paint has been applied you must wait 4 days before using the surface.

Have any questions? We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and support, simply get in touch and we will assist you.


Why Buy Our White Magnetic Whiteboard Paint?

Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint is a high-performance magnetic and dry erase paint bundle that can convert any smooth surface into a multifunctional magnetic and writable area. We guarantee our paint products for 10 years and our quality guarantee is backed up by independent certifications.

Smarter Surfaces’ whiteboard paint is an environmentally friendly choice with industry beating low VOC levels, compared to our competitors’ products. We are Isocyanate free in all our coatings, meaning it’s safe to apply with people in the room and won’t cause any headaches.

Unlike traditional whiteboards, with Smarter Surfaces’ Magnetic Whiteboard Paint bundle you’ll have limitless space to operate and can design a magnetic dry erase surface of any size you want.

Dual functioning paints are ideal for when you require the functionality of a whiteboard and magnetic surface but want to maintain a minimal and sleek workspace environment. This White Magnetic Whiteboard Paint also has a quality finish that is stain-resistant and made with a no ghosting formula.

For the best results with this product, we recommend using our high-quality Smart Neo-Magnets and high-quality whiteboard markers. Use your new multifunctional surface for brainstorming ideas with teams, planning and scheduling, delegating, presentations, and much more.

If you want to create a magnetic dry erase surface in a colour other than white, please check out our Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint Clear.

Smarter Surfaces is a world leader in providing surface solutions including our whiteboard paint. Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint is currently one of the best performing magnetic dry erase paints on the market. It is a high quality and reliable alternative to traditional whiteboards or flip charts and outperforms all competitor products.

You can also request a sample of Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint if you want to sample its performance first.

Volume Discounts, Professionals, Trade and Education

Not only do we outperform our competitors when it comes to the quality and performance of our products with a 10 year performance guarantee but we also offer volume discounts.

The larger the surface you would like to convert, the more you can save. We also offer discounts on bulk purchases, simply get in touch to learn more.

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How can I use the Smarter Surfaces Magnetic Whiteboard Paint?

It’s easy. Use your magnetic dry erase surface in exactly the same way as you would use a dry erase
or magnetic surface. Write-on, wipe-off with any good quality dry erase markers
and use neodymium or rare earth magnets like those found here.


Are the necessary coats in each tin of Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint White?

Yes, all the coats required are supplied within the tins. For Smart Magnetic Whiteboard
Paint White you will require 3 coats magnetic paint, 3 coats white primer, 1 coat whiteboard paint.


Why should I apply Smart White Primer on top of Smart Magnetic Paint?

Smart White Primer is necessary to create a white base as it hides the dark colour of
the magnetic paint. This product will seal the surface so that our dry erase coating
will not be absorbed into it. It will also give the surface a smooth finish.


Why should I apply Smart White Primer on top of Smart Magnetic Paint?

Smart White Primer is necessary to create a white base as it hides the dark colour of
the magnetic paint. This product will seal the surface so that our dry erase coating
will not be absorbed into it. It will also give the surface a smooth finish.


Do these products affect WIFI or pacemakers?

No, as the Smarter Surfaces Magnetic Whiteboard Paint is not magnetic but magnetically receptive.

What accessories can I use with my magnetic dry erase surface?

Use the strongest possible magnets (neodymium or rare-earth) available here.
Any good quality dry erase whiteboard marker can be used like those found here.



For more information, see our full FAQ section. here


How is Smart Magnetic Dry Erase Paint White applied?


Magnetic Whiteboard Paint Reviews

Magnetic Whiteboard Paint White

We chose a magnetic whiteboard wall from Smarter Surfaces because the product is very
innovative and best fits our daily work needs. The wall gives us an incredible amount
of space and makes our meetings more lively and effective.


Enfas GmbH

9 out of

Magnetic Whiteboard Paint White

The engineering department uses the surface to share ideas or to explain project plans clearly.
Our walls are very practical, original and there are so many possibilities for how we can use them.
People are impressed by our surfaces and amazed by the functionalities.


Maintenance Chef, Digiprocess

8 out of