Chalkboard Paint 6m²

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Create a chalkboard surface with a durable matte black finish using Smart Chalkboard Paint.

This is a high quality, commercial grade product allowing you to create a writable surface in your school, workplace or home. Use with any dry chalk, liquid chalk or chalk crayons. Wipes away easily with a dry or damp cloth for endless creativity.

  • Commercial grade performance
  • Scratch resistant durable matt black finish
  • Can be applied by anybody professional or DIY
  • Kit includes application accessories
  • Easy to apply – Two coat application with simple application guide
  • Ready to use in just 24 hours
  • Environmental (exceeds all EU/US standards): Isocyanates free, Low VOC, Solvent free, PFOA & PFOS free
  • Certification: VOC (less than 11g/l)
  • Performance guaranteed for 5 years
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Benefits of Using Chalkboard Paint

Durable & Long-Lasting

Chalkboard Paint creates a durable and long-lasting chalkboard surface. Our chalkboard paint is ideal for classroom activities, writing menu specials, and kitchen lists.

Safe to Apply & Environmental Responsibility

Our chalkboard wall paint is an environmentally friendly option with very low VOC levels. All our products are isocyanate free and safe to apply with people in the room with some ventilation.

Seamless Integration & Easy Application

Chalkboard Paint seamlessly integrates into any space, allowing you to create a writable surface on walls, furniture, or other smooth surfaces with ease.

Cost-Effective & Space-Saving Solution

Chalkboard Paint offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional chalkboards. Maximize your available space without compromising functionality.

Easy to Maintain

Smarter Surfaces Chalkboard Paint requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean. Simply erase with a dry or wet cloth.

Smart Chalkboard Paint - Technical Specifications

Coverage / Volume / Weight:
6m² / 750ml / 1.15kg

Product Color: Black (9004)
Product Finish: Matt
Odor: Very low
VOC: Less than 0.11%
Primer: A water based primer must be used on bare, untreated surfaces
Suitable Surfaces: walls, desks, furniture, glass, partitions, or any smooth non-porous surface

Manufactured with over a decade of proven chalkboard coatings technology.

Unsure about the right product for you? We offer video call support, live chat, phone and email. Avail of free technical advice and suggestions for ideas and product recommendations so you can choose what will work best for you. Unsure about installation? We are here to help and advise you.

Kit Contents

  • Chalkboard Paint tin
  • Roller Handle
  • Roller Sleeve
  • Stirring Stick

Chalkboard Paint Reviews

The Curious Kitchen

We LOVE your blackboard paint!! It dried really quickly.

Showtime Analytics

Smart Blackboard Paint is a key tool for any business which creates an environment full of teamwork, communication and collaboration.

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Yes, chalkboard paint can stick to metal surfaces. However, there are a few factors to consider to ensure proper adhesion and durability:

Surface Preparation: Clean the metal surface thoroughly to remove any dirt, grease, or rust. Then sand it lightly for better paint adherence.

Primer: Apply a primer using our Smart White Primer one or two coats as required which will bond to metal surface. Once the primer is dry apply two coats of chalkboard paint.

Curing Time: After the paint has been applied, it's essential to allow proper curing time before using the chalkboard surface.

Once applied to your wall allow it to fully dry for 48 hours and then condition your blackboard surface by rubbing a piece of chalk all over the surfaces and wiping off with a dry cloth or duster.
You can apply Chalkboard Paint using a roller or spray. For the best results, we recommend using a mohair, foam or smooth link free roller.
  • Step 1 - prime any uncoated surface.
  • Step 2 - Prepare the surface by filling any defects and sanding smooth.
  • Step 3 - apply another primer if required after sanding.
  • Step 4 - apply two coats of Chalkboard Paint allowing the first cost to dry before applying the second coat.
  • Step 5 - Wait 48 hours then condition your blackboard surface by rubbing a piece of chalk all over your surfaces and wiping off with a dry cloth or duster.
We recommend applying our blackboard paint onto a previously primed surface or painted surface. If applying onto an uncoated surface, we recommend applying two coats of a water-based primer such as Smart White Primer to prepare the surface.
Chalkboard Paint is suitable for use on plaster, wallboard, wood, metal, plastic and concrete. It is essential to prime the surface using Smart White Primer or any water-based primer before application. For indoor use only.
Each tin of Chalk Paint contains .20 of a gallon or 750ml of paint that covers 65ft² with two coats.
  • In case of contact with skin, rinse skin with warm soapy water
  • In case of contact with eyes, thoroughly rinse with clean water and seek medical advice
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Ensure room is adequately ventilated during application and drying
Once applied to your wall, you should condition your blackboard surface by rubbing a piece of chalk all over the surfaces and wiping off with a damp cloth or duster.
Your blackboard surface can be used like a normal blackboard. You can use standard chalk and chalkboard markers to write on your surface. Chalkboard markers are wet-erase and can be cleaned off by using a damp cloth.
You can use standard blackboard dusters to clean your surface on a regular basis. Like all blackboards, regular use will cause a build up of chalk dust on your wall. To remove excess dust, you can clean your Blackboard Surface with water on a damp cloth. Please note, you should wait one week after applying your Blackboard Paint before using a damp cloth on the surface.
Chalkboard Paint is black chalk paint and your surface will have a matt black finish after application. Where colours are requried we recommend considering our Clear Whiteboard Paint which can be applied over any colored wall.
You can layer our products to add more functionality to your surface. To discover all the products you can combine with Chalkboard Paint to add more functionality to your surface see our Super Magnetic Paint.

Chalkboard Paint Installation

Our Smart Chalkboard Paint does not require professional installation. Anyone can apply this blackboard paint.

It is important that your surface is smooth before application. A smooth surface will help you achieve the best final results. If your surface is bare or untreated, a water based primer must be used before applying Smart Chalkboard Paint. We recommend using our Smart White Primer as it has been tested to work with our blackboard paint.

Simply apply the primer, allow it to dry, then apply one coat of our chalkboard paint. After the first coat is dry (approx. 2 hours) you can apply the second coat. A full application guide is available to help you apply our chalkboard paint.

You can request a sample pack if you want to sample our products’ performance first.

Have any questions, or need advice? We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and support. Just get in touch with us.

Application GuideA full application guide to help you apply our Chalkboard Paint.

Chalkboard Paint installation Video

Watch our step-by-step Video Application Guide

Chalkboard Paint Videos

Watch our step-by-step Video Application Guide

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