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What is Whiteboard Paint?

Whiteboard paint is an easy to apply high performance dry erase paint that can transform any smooth surface into a writable area. Smart Whiteboard Paint is a 2 part system, which should be mixed just prior to application.

Imagine being able to paint your walls or other surfaces in your home, office, classroom, co-working space, coffee shop, or retail store and being able to write on your walls afterwards. Create a limitless space to work on that blends seamlessly into your environment. It will open up the possibilities for your workspace and inspire creativity, productivity and teamwork.

How to Apply Whiteboard Paint?

Simply apply our primer, allow it to dry, then apply one coat of our whiteboard paint. Once the dry erase paint has been applied you must wait 4 days before using the surface.

You will need to follow these steps to ensure the perfect whiteboard finish:

  • Undercoat with a primer (this will smoothen the area and ensure that Smart Whiteboard Paint stays on the surface rather than being absorbed into it).
  • Be sure to use a different roller for both the primer and the Smart Whiteboard Paint. If you choose to use the same roller, the water involved in washing the roller will have damaging effects on the painted surface.
  • Only paint the specified coverage area as clearly labelled on the tin. Stretching the paint will affect the whiteboard performance.

This is a one coat specialist coating. To ensure optimum results we recommend rolling over the surface ten times during the coat.

Is Smarter Surfaces Whiteboard Paint available in different colours?

Smart Whiteboard Paint is available in a white finish or a clear (transparent) finish. The clear finish allows you to retain the original colour or graphics on your wall and benefit from whiteboard functionality.

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