Whiteboard Paint in Education

Overview of Outcomes

  • Better delivery of inclusive education techniques
  • More dynamic lessons that are less static and keep students engaged
  • Were so happy with the first installation they decided to install more from the Smarter Surfaces range
  • Our products are now installed throughout the entire school



Ratoath Junior National School is a Primary National School for students from Junior infants to 2nd Class (ages 4-8).

The principal contacted Smarter Surfaces directly, seeking to upgrade the classrooms in their school. She saw the opportunity to create more collaborative classrooms for the young students in the school.

Smart whiteboard paint in education at Ratoath junior national school

Ratoath Junior National School’s Story

Their aim is that all children should leave Ratoath Junior National School with the basic skills of reading, writing and numeracy, an enthusiasm for learning, a thirst for knowledge, an appreciation of their religion and the world they live in and, above all, many happy memories.

On September 1st, 2005, due to the huge increase in numbers, Ratoath Mixed National School was divided into Ratoath Junior National School and Ratoath Senior National School.

In 2010, a new 10 classroom extension to Ratoath Junior National school was completed when Smarter Surfaces were contacted.

The Opportunity Ratoath Junior National School Saw

With completely new buildings, they saw the opportunity to revolutionise the classroom, and create an environment that opened up the possibilities for students to collaborate and work together with teachers.

Why Ratoath Junior National School Chose Smarter Surfaces

Before contacting Smarter Surfaces, they looked at two options. The first was to join multiple whiteboards to create larger spaces to work on, but they couldn’t find a seamless solution.

Another option they considered was to use glass whiteboards, but the cost of this was completely out of their budget.

How They Used Smart Whiteboard Paint

Initially Smart Whiteboard Paint (previously Smart Wall Paint) was applied in three classrooms at Ratoath National Junior School, on both the walls and desks.

The response from teachers at the school was that the installation opened up how they could deliver lessons. They can now get students to work in small groups together at their writable desks, or deliver more interactive and collaborative lessons at the board.

Smart whiteboard paint in use at Ratoath junior national school

The Result

Since installing Smart Whiteboard Paint, teachers say it has really increased how dynamic their lessons can be. The extended space has increased their ability to deliver inclusive learning techniques, because it allows the whole class to interact and work together at the same time.

Teachers from Ratoath had more feedback on these extended workspaces. They said that it has allowed them to introduce more movement into lessons. With multiple surfaces to work at throughout the room, students don’t have to be sitting all the time. This has really helped maintain engagement throughout the day.

They came back to Smarter Surfaces asking for further functionality, as they had recently purchased interactive projectors. We were happy to upgrade the classrooms with our Projectable Whiteboard Wallpaper. This is used as an interactive projector surface where teachers and students can write on and wipe off to use games and material from the internet interactively. Emma Brehony, Junior Infant Teacher, says “we have our whole wall covered and use it as a projection tool…It’s doing what a whiteboard does but I have a lot more space”.

Smart whiteboard wallpaper low sheen Ratoath