Choosing the Best Whiteboard Wallpaper for Office or Classroom Walls

Best whiteboard wallpaper

Whiteboard Wallpapers have a definitive advantage over wall-mounted whiteboards. They give you an entire wall for writing, collaborating, and sharing ideas. Some other key advantages of whiteboard wallpapers are:

  • It doesn’t stick out from the wall or consume extra space
  • Can fit on walls of any size or shape , can be cut around powerpoints or wall fixtures
  • It’s easy to install and can be applied to any smooth surface

However, not all writable wallpapers are created equal. You have to bear certain things in mind in order to find the best whiteboard wallpaper for your specific needs. This post will help you identify the best whiteboard wallpaper by exploring the key features.

What constitutes the best whiteboard wallpaper?

The best whiteboard wallpaper needs to have a combination of functional and characteristic features that yield maximum performance without compromising safety. We’ll categorically explore such features and help you make a well-informed decision while purchasing a whiteboard wallpaper.

Functionalities to look for in the best whiteboard wallpaper

The basic functionality of a whiteboard wallpaper is its dry-erase nature. That means you should be able to write on it with dry-erase markers and wipe it clean with microfibre eraser cloths.

  • Durability, it must stand up to daily use in an office or classroom
  • There should be no staining or ghosting
  • Dry-erase markers should run smoothly on the surface
  • It should retain its performance for a long period of time.
  • You should be able to write seamlessly over the joining edges

Functionalities of a whiteboard wallpaper beyond the basics

Magnetic whiteboard wallpaper

The ability to attract magnets is a great addition to the functionality of a whiteboard wallpaper. Imagine how cool a wall would be if you could write on it and stick printed charts, and images with magnets.

  • It helps you be more imaginative,
  • Allows you to create a better and more well-rounded impression during a presentation,
  • And the whiteboard wall can double as a bulletin/achievement board.

You can stick the sales targets, write down a team’s goals for a week, and stick an image of the best performer of the week on the same wall.

Low-sheen whiteboard wallpaper

This lets you create a wall that you can use for writing as well as for projecting images and videos with a projector. The best part is that you can do both simultaneously.

Project your presentation while writing on and around it. Just imagine the possibilities there in an office as well as in a classroom.

  • In a classroom, you could project questions on the wall along with visual cues and ask pupils to write the answers on the same wall.
  • In an office, you could use this feature to enhance the creativity of your presentation.
Magnetic projector screen whiteboard wallpaper

Here is something that ties all the functionalities into one product that can completely transform an average interactive space into a hub of collaboration and creativity. With a wallpaper that turns your wall into a magnetic, writable, projectable surface, you are only limited by your imagination.

The whiteboard wallpaper range by Smarter Surfaces brings you all these functionalities bundled with application kits, DIY guides, and free video consultation.

Safety of the best whiteboard wallpaper

If you are about to install whiteboard wallpaper in an office or a classroom, the safety of the product is to be taken very seriously. You need to choose non-toxic, fire-resistant, environmentally friendly products with all the necessary certifications.

Here’s a checklist to help you choose the safest whiteboard wallpaper

  • It is PFOA and PFOS free
  • It is certified for fire resistance particularly important if used in an office or classroom. A Class fire certification is best. The best whiteboard wallpapers will come with certification for this.
  • Easy to clean

Conveniences to look for while buying whiteboard wallpaper

  • It should be easy to install
  • Apply the adhesive, stick the wallpaper to it and cut through the middle of where the wallpaper overlaps, and you are done. If it is not that simple, maybe you need a different product.

  • The wallpaper should come with an installation kit
  • You need a wallpaper spatula, a pair of gloves to apply the wallpaper and a piece of microfibre cloth to wipe it clean. Look for a brand that sends these along with the wallpaper.

  • A detailed application guide
  • While installing wallpaper is a simple task that you can perform without professional help, there are techniques that make the job easier and the result better.
    A step-by-step application guide helps you do everything right. An application video just makes things even easier. Look for brands that can offer you these conveniences.

If you are investing in a whiteboard wallpaper you should be able to use it to its fullest for a long period of time. Smarter Surfaces whiteboard wallpapers come with a 10-year performance guarantee. So, that is something to beat when you are looking at different brands.

A quick recap of the main things to look for in the best whiteboard wallpaper

  • A smooth odourless writing surface with almost unnoticeable edges
  • Durability will it stand up to commercial use
  • Fire safety and environmentally friendly certificates
  • Application kit and guides
  • Additional features like ferromagnetism and projectability can be sought after
  • Product guarantee and easy-to-avail customer support

If you are planning to refurbish your classrooms with new whiteboard walls or remodel your office space to make it more collaborative and fun by installing whiteboard wallpapers, we can offer our guidance through free video consultation. You can send us pictures and videos of your wall and we will guide you to the best whiteboard wallpaper for your needs.