Upgrade Your Home Cinema Experience With Home Theatre Projector Screen Paint

Home theatres bring the big-screen experience right to your home. They are extremely popular in the UK. The most recent study found that a whopping 6.8 million UK homes already have a home cinema.

Home theatre projector screen paint enhances the home theatre experience even further. It lets you transform any smooth wall into a high-quality screen. If you don’t have the space or budget for a traditional screen, screen paints are the best option.

Let’s find out more about home cinema screen paint that’s quickly transforming the modern home theatre scene.

Home theatre projector screen paints

What is home theatre projector screen paint?

Projector screen paint used for Home theatre, is a specialised type of paint designed to transform any smooth wall into a high quality projector screen.

These paints typically enhance picture quality and reduce any impact of ambient light so that you can have a perfect viewing experience. They are a long-term, budget-friendly alternative to expensive and bulky home theatre screens.

Different types of home cinema screen paints are available. They vary in features and price. Some high-end varieties can also be used on fabric or to refurbish old home movie projector screens.

What are the benefits of using projector screen paint for creating a home theatre setup?

  • High-quality picture: Home theatre screen paint provides a smooth, even surface for optimal image quality. Premium quality variants, like the Black Projector Screen Paint, will deliver the highest black levels and enhanced contrast ratio, while eliminating hotspots. So that you can enjoy crisp details and vivid colours.
  • Ambient light rejection: Choose paint with ambient light rejection properties for a clearer picture even in brighter rooms. The paint will selectively reflect the projector light while scattering excess light from the sides.
  • Affordable: Home movie projector screen paint is a budget-friendly alternative. Traditional screens can cost a lot. The smallest, decent quality ones start around £1000. Projector screen paint, on the other hand, is a steal. For a high-quality 120-inch screen, you’ll only pay around £163.
  • Flexible screen size: Home theatre screen paint gives total flexibility in size. Paint any wall to create a screen that perfectly fits your space. Paint kits for 120-inch and 301-inch screens are available.
  • Easy installation: Screen paints are simple to apply — DIY friendly. Just apply the paint like any other interior paint following the application guide. And, it will be ready to use in just 24 hours. The kit includes all the necessary application accessories as well.
  • Wide variety of choices: Projector screen paint isn’t just one type. Choose from a range of options. Black projector paints to clear and ambient light rejecting, and ultra high-contrast varieties let you customise as per your home theatre setup.
  • Easy to maintain: Professional projector screen paints are designed for minimal upkeep. Features like low dust pick up and no-detergent wipeable surface make maintenance a breeze. Smarter Surfaces range of home theatre projector screen paints come with a 5-year guarantee, giving you total peace of mind.
  • Space saving: Forget clunky screens that take up floor space. Home theatre projector screen paint transforms your wall into a high-quality screen, maximising your room. With paint, your screen is always ready to use and disappears when not in use.

How to choose the right home theatre projector screen paint?

Home movie projector screen paints come in several types. The multiple options can make it difficult to pick the right one. Here are the main points you should keep in mind.

Light conditions
Consider light levels in the room and choose a paint that’s recommended for your setup. If your home theatre room has minimal ambient light, you’ll want to use less reflective projector screen paint. This helps prevent glare and ensures better image quality. In rooms with bright ambient light, you might need more reflective paint to maintain image visibility.

If there’s low to mid-level ambient light, an ambient light rejecting screen paint might be the way to go. If you prefer keeping your wall colour unchanged, our clear projector screen paint is the best option for rooms with ambient light. In completely dark rooms, Smart black projector screen paint will create vibrant, high-contrast pictures.

Projector type
Take into account the type of projector you have before choosing a home theatre projector screen paint. Some paints are designed to work best with specific projector types. A projection paint only for short throw projectors will not give the best experience with a long throw or laser projector. Some paints, on the other hand, have a wider projector type range — they can work seamlessly with short throw, long throw, and laser projectors.

Lumen value
Projector brightness is measured in lumen. And it varies from model to model. A brighter projector will have a higher lumen. Every high-end home movie projector screen paint has a minimum recommended lumen value. You should choose a paint that matches your projector.

Take the Black Projector Screen Paint for example. It works with projectors with at least 2,500 lumens capacity. But for Ambient Light Rejecting Projector Screen Paint a minimum lumen capacity of 3,000 is recommended. Conversely, any projector with over 1,200 lumens capacity will work with Clear Projector Screen Paint.

Projector screen gain
Projector screen gain is a key factor in image quality. It determines how light reflects from the screen, affecting brightness and clarity. Higher gain screens are better suited for rooms with more ambient light or lower-lumen projectors, offering increased brightness. But, they often have a narrower best-view angle and may sacrifice colour accuracy.

Low-gain screens, better for controlled lighting and high-powered projectors, deliver wider viewing angles and accurate colours. But, they may appear dimmer in brighter rooms. The right choice depends on your setup and viewing environment.

Premium home theatre projector screen paints from Smarter Surfaces

Smarter Surfaces is a pioneer in home cinema screen paint technology. Our best-in-class screen paint solutions are available in a wide variety to fit different needs. Here’s a comparison of some of our home theatre paints.

FeaturesSmart Clear Projector Screen PaintSmart Black Projector Screen PaintSmart Ultra High Contrast Projector Screen PaintSmart Ambient Light Rejecting Paint
ColourTransparentBlackDark greyLight grey
Gain value @ 90°
Minimum recommended lumen1200250020002000
Suitable for use in light conditionsModerate to high ambient lightDark Room or Room with light controlsDark room or room with light controlsDark Room or Room with light controls

Summing it up
Home theatre projector screen paints are an effective, low-cost alternative to traditional screens. They provide a more flexible solution without compromising on picture quality. However, always choose a paint that’s designed for your viewing setup and preferences.

If you’re in doubt about which home cinema screen paint is best for you, call, email or chat with our team of experts for a free consultation.