Beyond Basic – Customised Whiteboard Solutions for Real Estate

Standing out in this super-competitive property market is not simple, but strategic, well-executed decisions can help you stay ahead. Making a customised whiteboard for real estate your daily work-companion is seemingly a small move. But, it can add an edge to your sales activity, planning, pipeline management, and goal tracking. It can also improve organisation and collaboration, uplifting your overall performance and market impact.

While traditional whiteboards have been a go-to for decades, premium whiteboard paints are quickly gaining hold in the market, thanks to their improved features and versatility. In this post, we will discuss how your business can utilise the benefits of real estate dry erase boards made with premium-quality paints. These are the reasons why realtors from across the globe are embracing this solution.

Room layout and planning o whiteboard for real estate

Use of Customisable Whiteboard in Real Estate

Whiteboard wall paints are ideal for creating customised real estate whiteboards. They offer a dynamic and visual solution that can streamline your workflow. Here’s how:

Listing organisation
No more struggling with countless listings. Create a dedicated section on your whiteboard to track all property information. With no limitations on size, you can easily categorise your listings by price, location, or type for quick reference and better management.

Use different colours to highlight features like open houses or new listings. The visual display on the whiteboard for real estate will make comparisons a breeze and keep you on top of your inventory.

Managing sales pipeline
Visualise your sales journey with a detailed pipeline on your real estate whiteboard. Create columns representing different stages — lead generation, initial contact, assessment, offers received, closing deals, and so on. Update it as you move forward day by day.

If you are using magnetic whiteboard paint, you can even add notes and images representing each client on the pipeline. This will provide a clear picture of your progress and help you quickly identify any potential roadblocks.

More impactful presentations
Whiteboard paints eliminate size limitations. Your board can be as large as the wall. You can even turn the glass or wood partition into a large board to showcase property details, layouts, and key selling points in a more visually impactful way.

Magnetic whiteboard paints let you stick papers and pictures right on the board, ensuring clients can easily follow along and ask questions as you personalise the presentation in real-time.

Enhanced collaboration
Use the whiteboard to facilitate seamless communication within your team. Make brainstorming sessions, discussions, and group planning more engaging. Use it to keep notes, and share ideas and updates, without missing out on important points.

For remote teams, matte whiteboard paints are an excellent choice. They provide a no-ghosting, writable surface in any shape and size you want, while the matte finish minimises glare during video calls.

Planning and time management
Real estate dry erase boards can be a boon for planning and time management. A customised whiteboard provides a centralised space to plan and track your goals. Write your to-do list and daily or weekly priorities on the board. Use checkboxes to mark completed tasks and visually track your progress.

Plan your week on the whiteboard and keep it updated so that you do not miss out on anything important. The visual reminder keeps you motivated to stay on top of your workload. It can be an excellent platform to jot down ideas or to keep quick notes that you might need later.

How can a whiteboard for real estate help with property management?

From communication and organisation to marketing and tenant management — a whiteboard for real estate can help with property management in several ways. It’s interesting to note how a simple whiteboard can upgrade your overall service and efficiency within days.

Use the whiteboard for a quick overview of your property portfolio. Track occupied and vacant units. Colour code units or use magnets to represent tenant statuses. Use it for tracking maintenance requests, lease renewals, scheduling visits, rent collection, and tenant communication. You can also use the same platform for promoting special amenities and offers during an open house.

What are the benefits of using a customised whiteboard for real estate over a traditional whiteboard?

Customised whiteboards for real estate made with whiteboard wall paints, offer a bunch of amazing benefits. They turn any smooth surface into an effective whiteboard that’s easy to clean, and simple to maintain. Plus, you have the complete freedom of size, shape, and colour personalisation. Traditional whiteboards, on the other hand, fall short in all these features.

The benefits:

  • Turns any surface into a whiteboard: Smart whiteboard paint can be applied to any smooth surface. Walls, wood, glass — you can just paint and turn it into a functional real estate dry erase board.
  • No size or shape limitations: Every traditional whiteboard provides a limited writing space. whiteboard walls, on the other hand, eliminate this limitation. It can be as huge or as compact as you need, without shape restrictions. You can get a writing board in any shape that matches your space.
  • Saves space: No need to sacrifice space for a bulky whiteboard. The paint can turn not only the walls but also your desk, doors, windows and even glass partitions into a whiteboard. It gives a modern and minimalistic look to your room.
  • Customisable colour and finish: Our whiteboard wall paint is also available in a clear variant. So you can paint any wall with our Clear Whiteboard Paint and turn it into a functional whiteboard of the same colour as your room. If you’re selecting white paint, you can choose the finish — matte or glossy.
  • Premium features: Real estate whiteboards made with our high-quality paints are easy to erase. Once you wipe the board down with a normal whiteboard eraser or microfibre cloth, the lines are erased without leaving behind any ink stain. You can also choose a magnetic or antimicrobial whiteboard paint, according to your preferences.
  • Simple application: You can make your whiteboard for real estate right at your home and customise it the way you want. Our premium whiteboard paint comes in a compact kit that includes even the application accessories. It is DIY-friendly and takes minimal effort. There’s no need for professional installation.
  • Minimal upkeep: Our real estate whiteboard paints are a one-time investment. They are priced reasonably and serve for years for minimal upkeep. They do not lose quality, fade or yellow over time. Plus, we offer a 10-year guarantee on each product.

Customised whiteboards for real estate businesses offer unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. Contact us today to discover how our whiteboard paints can transform your office and elevate your business.