Whiteboard Paint for Classroom Walls: A Superior Alternative to Chalkboards

Manufacturing of slate chalkboards began in the 1840s and the green porcelain enamel boards first appeared in the 1930s. Despite the dust when using a chalkboard and the chalk dust-induced allergies among students and teachers alike, the chalkboard has been the mainstay of educational institutes for decades. However, it has overstayed its welcome and needs to make way for a superior modern alternative – whiteboard paint for classroom walls.

whiteboard paint for classroom walls

In the sections that follow, we shall examine the benefits of whiteboard paint for classroom walls over a chalkboard in different scenarios. This will help you make informed decisions regarding the refurbishment of classroom walls in your institution.

How does whiteboard paint for classroom walls work?

Whiteboard paint for classroom walls is a specially designed blend of two different paints that can turn an entire wall into a writable surface. So, instead of hanging a chalkboard or a whiteboard, you can use an entire wall for writing.

After applying the whiteboard paint, the wall turns into a dry-erase surface.

  • You can write and draw on it with good-quality markers
  • You can erase the writing with a dry microfibre cloth
  • You can use cleaners on it to remove stains and permanent ink
  • You can have a whiteboard of any colour of your choice

Key benefits of using whiteboard paint for classroom walls

We have already talked about the large surface area to write on and the cleanability aspect. But there is more to having a writable wall in a classroom. It brings crucial benefits for both teachers and learners.
No room for dust
Chalkdust contains calcium carbonate and calcium sulphate. These compounds can create eye irritation, skin irritation and typically dry skin, irritation in the respiratory tract, and mucous membranes. Chronic exposure to chalkdust can have a lasting effect on your lungs.

Whiteboard paint on a classroom wall eliminates the prospect of dust creating a healthier environment for learning. It means

  • No accumulation of dust around the corners of the board
  • No dusty classroom floors
  • No chalk residue on the palms of your hands.
  • No triggers for allergies and asthma
  • No dry skin on fingers

A smoother writing experience
Whiteboard paint for classroom walls puts an end to broken chalk, cracks in the porcelain, and ghosting on the surface of a hanging whiteboard. The best part is that you can apply the whiteboard paint around the obstructive fixtures on a wall like switchboards.

  • It gives you a large surface to write on
  • Ensures a clean writing experience
  • Leaves enough room for children to write and express
  • Overall, turns the classroom into a collaborative space

A smarter surface for interaction
Writing with chalk on a board is a different skill set. Children do not find it easy to write on chalkboards. Add the dust aspect to that and you have an environment that discourages participation.

A whiteboard that hangs on the wall is better than a chalkboard but introduces issues like a shortage of space – especially when small children are trying to write their naturally large letters.

The smart whiteboard range by Smarter Surfaces helps you create a learning environment that is unimpaired by any of these issues. The products, including but not limited to the whiteboard paint for classroom walls, can turn any wall into a write-on wipe-off surface irrespective of its shape and size.

  • You get more space to express ideas
  • Experience zero ghosting (ink residue on the surface even after wiping off)
  • A smooth and enjoyable writing experience

What to look for in whiteboard paint for classrooms

What do we mean when we say good-quality whiteboard paint?

  • It should be environmentally friendly with all necessary certifications
  • It should be Isocyanate free, there are some low-grade products that use this harmful compound
  • It should not have a low odour on application
  • It should have no ghosting or staining
  • You should be able to use a wide range of markers and cleaners on it
  • The application process should not be too complicated
  • The paint should come with a guarantee

Here is what the Smarter Surfaces whiteboard paint brings to the table

  • A 10-year product guarantee
  • Paints that are free of VOC, PFOA, PFOS, and Isocyanates
  • LEED, M1, VOC, and Fire-proof certificates
  • An application kit that includes everything you need to turn any classroom wall into a sleek writable surface.
  • An antimicrobial whiteboard paint that helps you kill a wide range of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria and creates safer spaces for collaboration.
  • Step-by-step application guide and on-call guidance from experts

Is it possible to have a coloured whiteboard in a classroom?

Yes, it is.
All you need is the Smart Whiteboard Paint – Clear by Smarter Surfaces. Regardless of the colour of your classroom wall, one coat of clear whiteboard paint will turn it into a writable dry-erase surface.

Interesting possibilities unlocked by Whiteboard paint

Replacing traditional whiteboards and chalkboards with whiteboard paint opens up some new possibilities.

  • You can have a whiteboard of any colour. In fact, you can divide the wall into multiple sections with different colours and turn the whole thing into a whiteboard by applying clear whiteboard paint.
  • You can apply a few coats of magnetic paint or apply magnetic plaster before applying whiteboard paint to create a writable as well as magnetic surface
  • The matt whiteboard paint allows you to project as well as write on the classroom walls, thus charging the interactive potential further up.

Get expert advice to turn classrooms into collaborative havens

Book a free video consultation and let our experts take a look at your walls. Tell us what you want to achieve, talk to us about your budget and timeline, and our product advisors will offer you the best plan of action. If you face a post-purchase issue regarding a product or need help with the application process, our phone and chat lines are always open.