Boost Communication and Creativity with Writable Home Walls – The Best Whiteboard for Home

Ever wondered how much time you spend every day looking for writing tools? It’s time to change that with a whiteboard wall for home.

Forget sticking notes on the fridge or scrambling around for a piece of paper to take quick notes while on a call. Let’s upgrade.

Writable walls make the best whiteboard for home. It lets you jot down even the smallest ideas in a jiffy. And, allows your kids to be creative without running out of space.

Whiteboard wall for home fosters communication and creativity. It can be quite useful in today’s busy day-to-day life. Read on to find out how you can use home whiteboard walls.

Ways to use writable walls as a whiteboard for home

No matter the purpose or characteristics of a room, a writable wall can always fit into it. Starting right with the living room to the kitchen, kids’ room, home office and even the utility room – writable walls uplift every space. Let’s check out some great ideas.

Kids’ room

This is probably the first place where you should have whiteboard walls. It can enhance your kids’ home-time experience and boost creative flair. This dedicated space for self-expression will nurture their creativity but also help keep the rest of your home’s walls pristine and free from artistic “surprises.”

whiteboard wall in kid's room

A giant canvas for artwork: A whiteboard wall lets your kids write and draw without being limited by space or wasting supplies. Imagine a whole wall for drawing whatever catches their fancy. You may also add your own artwork for a lovely touch.

Interactive learning: A wall turned into a whiteboard for home is the perfect place for your kids to practise spelling, and maths problems, or even play educational games. This turns learning into a fun activity.

Fuel imaginations: Imaginative play helps in your child’s mental development. It encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Kids can design their own comic strips, create a map for imaginary adventures, or write and illustrate their own stories on home whiteboard walls.

Learning aid for older children: For older children, a writable wall becomes a giant study aid. From keeping track of study routines to complex charts, detailed diagrams, or even practice equations can be easily displayed and referred to throughout the week.

Worried about your kid’s art projects wrecking the whiteboard within weeks? Our Smart Whiteboard Paint is the answer. It comes with a 10-year guarantee, so you can relax and let their creativity flow.

Home office

If your home office is missing that spark of productivity, a writable wall whiteboard for home can be the game-changer. It offers a dynamic and visual way to stay organised and brainstorm ideas. Here are a few ways to put your writable home office wall to work:

Master your to-do list: Ditch the sticky notes and scattered papers. Put your to-do list right on the wall. This will help you prioritise tasks and check them off with a satisfying flourish. The visual reminder helps you stay focused and motivated throughout the day.

Make collaborations more effective: When working on a shared project, use the whiteboard wall as a large collaborative workspace. Sketch out your ideas right on the wall or use it to assign tasks and track project progress. If you’re working remotely, it will help you to stay on the same page with your team.

Improves efficiency: The expansive surface of home whiteboard walls helps in brainstorming and mind mapping. It makes you better at problem-solving. The visual presentation makes it easier to quickly connect concepts and see the bigger picture. It encourages experimentation and helps you become proactive.

Don’t miss out on new ideas: How many good ideas never saw the daylight just because you didn’t note them down? Never again. A writable wall makes it simple to note down even the smallest ideas so you can work on them later.


Wish your kitchen could remember recipes and grocery lists? Whiteboard walls for home can make it happen.

whiteboard wall in kitchen

The ever-evolving grocery list: No more forgotten grocery lists or missing essential kitchen supplies right when you need them for your signature dish. Write down your grocery list on the kitchen whiteboard wall and let everyone in the house add to it throughout the week. Maybe take a picture of it before leaving for the shop so as not to miss anything.

Meal planning: We all know how frustrating mealtime indecisions can be. Use the whiteboard wall for planning meals and let your family add to it. This means you will no longer have to ask everyone their choices or waste time deciding what to cook.

Recipe database: Learning a new recipe from your friend’s grandma over the call? Or the new tweak in your fruit cake turned out better than expected? Jot it down on the kitchen wall immediately. Put on long recipes on the writable wall and don’t ever miss out on the steps again.

Add some vibe: Use the whiteboard wall for inspirational quotes, and reminders, or even leave messages for your family. This adds a touch of personality to your kitchen and keeps everyone connected – a whiteboard doodle of “pancakes for breakfast?” is a lot more charming than a text message.

Living room and Hallway

Writable walls are ideal for multi-functional living rooms. Even the often overlooked hallways can become functional and fun with a splash of whiteboard paint. Here are some ways to transform your living room into a space that sparks creativity and connection:

Message board: Use the home whiteboard wall for inspirational quotes, motivational messages, or even jokes to brighten everyone’s day. Turn your living room whiteboard into a space for everything you need to remember when going out. Jot down reminders to grab your gym bag, pay a bill online, or pick up milk – all in clear view for a smooth and stress-free life.

Family calendar at a glance: Keep everyone on the same page with a giant whiteboard calendar. Note down appointments, birthdays, and upcoming events in a central location that’s easy to update and see.

whiteboard wall in living room

For those who wish to have a projection surface in the living room, black projector screen paint can be a versatile solution.

How do you make a whiteboard wall at home?

It’s as simple as getting new paint on, and it’s not even expensive. All you need to do is — buy Smarter Surfaces smart whiteboard paint, prepare the surface as explained and put the paint on — a simple DIY project. Your home whiteboard wall will be ready to use in just about 4 days.

Our smart whiteboard paint can transform any smooth surface — walls, concrete, glass, or wood — into a writable whiteboard.

If you’re not sure about changing the colour of the wall, we also have a clear whiteboard paint that will transform the surface into a writable board without altering the surface colour.

Check this DIY video to see how simple it is to make a whiteboard wall at home with Smarter Surfaces transparent whiteboard paint.

Some useful information on our whiteboard paint:

  • Smarter Surfaces whiteboard paints (both white and clear) come with a 10-year of warranty. They deliver commercial-grade performance for minimal maintenance over the years.
  • They create an effective dry erase surface with no ghosting or staining. A single good wipe off will leave a pristine surface to start work afresh.
  • You don’t need professionals for installation. The paint comes as a complete kit with all the application accessories and a detailed application guide.
  • Our product is environment-friendly, the UK’s number one, award-winning whiteboard paint.

Summing up
To recap, turning the walls of your home into writable whiteboards is a great way to inspire creativity and encourage communication. Whiteboard wall paints can transform any smooth surface into a whiteboard for home.

Keeping the demands in mind, we have whiteboard paint in white and clear variants. They deliver excellent results and are the UK’s number one whiteboard paint. For any technical assistance get in touch with our team.