Add Customised Branding To Your Office With A Custom Printed Magnetic Whiteboard

Loudmouth with smarter surfaces - printed magnetic whiteboard

First impressions really do count. Whenever a potential customer or employee enters your office the first things they see can help dictate the impression they get of your entire company.

For instance do they see a number of individual office cubicles and drab colour palettes or are they greeted with innovative and inventive pieces of company branding?

Office design is an important aspect and incorporating your branding into the layout can be a great way to make the most of your space. But before you begin your renovation, you need to come up with some office wall branding ideas and to do this you need to know how adding branding to your office can help and what products you can use. One way we suggest you add customised branding to your space is by designing and installing a printed magnetic whiteboard.

Sound interesting? Keep reading below and find out more.

Benefits Of Showcasing Customised Branding In Your Office

Showcasing your branding throughout your office can be very beneficial. It can be a big aspect in determining not only how your customers see you, but how your employees do.
Employee Satisfaction
How your staff views the company can be just as important as how your customers view it. Studies have shown a direct comparison between office design and productivity. Having innovative office branding that showcases your company as a forward thinker will give employees confidence in the company they work for. Meanwhile on average staff who feel they are working in a modern company are more loyal and inspired to work even harder.

Client Satisfaction
Customers can make up their minds simply based on the office building they have walked into. By adding your branding in a modern way to your office anyone who visits will immediately be able to tell who you are and what you want to achieve. In addition to this having seen how professional your office looks your potential clients will leave confident in the brand.

Magnetic Whiteboard Whiteboard in Club Petit Pierrot by SengFlo Designs

But Why Choose A Printed Magnetic Whiteboard?

You’ve already heard why adding branding to your office space can be beneficial to your company, but why should you choose a printed magnetic whiteboard?

A personalised whiteboard allows you to make an impact with your customers. Firstly having a well placed piece of branding in your foyer or lobby will help them remember you a long time after your meeting.

Secondly having a printed magnetic whiteboard in your office allows customers, who are always interested in visuals, to see the professionalism of your company.

You choose exactly what you present to your clientele. Ask yourself what message you want to get across with your branding What colours? Present yourself exactly as you want to be seen with a printed magnetic whiteboard and impress everyone.

Key Benefits Of A Smart Custom Magnetic Dry Erase Board

What are the key benefits of a printed magnetic whiteboard like Smart Custom Magnetic Dry Erase Board? We’ve listed some of the key benefits below.

  • Your personalised whiteboard is completely customisable. As a result you can have any shape, any size and any colour you like
  • Completely manufactured in the UK
  • It’s a great example of company branding that presents an extremely professional appearance for your business
  • It’s very easy to install – each board comes with an easy to follow installation guide
  • Each personalised board is completely unique to the customer
  • Guaranteed for 5 years

Check out our customer’s video on how they customized their office’s whiteboard wall with our whiteboard solutions. Watch the video here:

There are so many ways that you can benefit from adding a printed magnetic whiteboard to your office. If you have any questions about how to create custom magnetic dry erase boards, we are here to help you. Book a free video consultation now and talk to our experts.