5 Benefits of Having an Office Magnetic Wall

An empty office wall, by itself, offers very little other than privacy. Well, it can add to the overall aesthetic appeal of your office space if you’re decoratively inclined, but that is all. However, the moment you turn that very wall into a ferromagnetic surface, AKA an office magnetic wall, it becomes a centre for creativity and innovation.

Office magnetic wall for meetings made with magnetic plaster

It is hard to judge the true impact of a magnetic wall in an office unless you have one. Nevertheless, from our experience of helping organisations create collaborative workspaces over the years, you can watch a video of our customer sharing their feedback on how it improves their office’s sales management techniques.

How an office magnetic wall benefits the teams

Hanging a small metallic sheet in a cubicle for sticking personal items is quite common. However, what we are considering here is an entire ferromagnetic wall that you can use for a myriad of purposes. Here are the key operational benefits.

1. Capture ideas as they come
Your employees should not have to wait till the morning standup call or for your calendar to clear up, to share an idea. Whether it’s a proposal for a new campaign strategy for social media, thoughts about a new tool someone discovered for better project management or even a cool marketing slogan for an upcoming special event, individuals should have a place to post it for everyone else to see and weigh in.

With an office magnetic wall in the common area, employees can

  • Write down their ideas on a piece of paper and stick it on the wall with a magnet
  • Print charts, graphs, or other types of documents and stick them to support their ideas
  • Post notes without the fear of them falling off or damaging the wall

2. Brew up the “brainstorm”
Having a large surface in the office for your employees to present their ideas is an indirect way of saying, “We encourage innovation and creativity at this workplace, so grab your markers and get doodling.”

Office magnetic wall and brainstorming

You have to take two things into account here:

  • People can process and retain visual information better than auditory cues
  • A chance address a group encourages individuals to think hard and prepare harder

3. Charge up the healthy competition
We’re not saying that a company should be all about the numbers achieved and the targets cracked. But you cannot deny that a bit of positive reinforcement (on top of the paycheque) helps your employees focus better.

An employee’s photo stuck with a high-quality neodymium magnet on an office magnetic wall alongside a few words of appreciation can go a long way in re-energising a staff member at the end of a hard work week.

4. Track the performance of different teams
Technology allows you to monitor the performance of all teams from one integrated dashboard using advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools. Even with all its accuracy and convenience, a digital report on a computer screen cannot beat the impact of KPIs on pieces of paper stuck on a public wall with magnets.

Every win becomes worth celebrating and every loss triggers a rush of new ideas that lead to further brainstorming. It’s a cycle of human collaboration that you cannot just replicate with an application.

A small magnetic board helps you stick KPIs for one week for one team. A whole wall dedicated to the very purpose of tracking KPIs would hold key data for all teams for the whole month or longer, depending on the kind of company you’re running.

5. Redefine presentations with an office magnetic wall you can write and project upon
Imagine your team is working on a prototype for a software application. You are making something beautiful but it’s hard to explain to the stakeholders at the current stage. While certain features are ready to use, you will need additional visual aids to explain the others.

Now, fortunately, there’s a wall in the office that you can write on, stick magnets to, and project upon.

  • So, you set up a projector so that it can show the current design of the app on that office magnetic wall
  • You can write on it while projecting to emphasise certain points
  • You can use printed pieces of paper as additional visual components – say, a button or a drop-down menu that hasn’t been designed yet – and stick them on the wall.

This is possible with an office magnetic wall that blends three functionalities – magnetism, projection, and writability.

What’s the best way to turn a common office wall into a writable magnetic surface?

There are three ways of turning a regular wall into an office magnetic wall.

Magnetic Paint

You can turn any wall into a magnetic surface by applying magnetic paint on it. An office wall with good quality magnetic paint on it allows you to stick up to 4 sheets of A4 paper with one good magnet. By applying magnetic whiteboard paint, you can turn a wall into a magnetic as well as writable surface. It’ll let you maximise the usable area of the wall. The application of the magnetic paint involves a few simple steps. Here’s a video to guide you through the process.

Magnetic Plaster

You can enhance the magnetic capacity of the wall manifold by applying magnetic plaster to it. You can affix paintings, clocks, or even a television screen to such a wall if you have large enough magnets.

Magnetic Wallpaper

For a large wall free of obstructions such as switchboards, a magnetic wallpaper is the most effective choice. It’s very easy to apply a wallpaper. Make sure the surface is smooth; apply two coats of adhesive; stick the wallpaper on it, and you’ve got yourself a brand new office magnetic wall. If you are ready to spend a little more, you can have a magnetic projector screen whiteboard wallpaper with three mutually inclusive functionalities.

Interesting things you can do with a magnetic wall

  • You can paint a magnetic wall with any colour without compromising its magnetic properties
  • You can apply digital wall print or wallpaper over it
  • You can turn a magnetic office wall into a clear whiteboard by overcoating it with clear whiteboard paint

Explore the possibilities with Smarter Surfaces

Unsure how to proceed with creating a magnetic wall in your office? Here is what you do:

  • Book a free consultation video call with the product advisors at Smarter Surfaces
  • Share a photo or a video of your wall and we will share ideas to help you make the most out of it
  • Get personalized guidance from experts in education and office usage of magnetic surfaces through chat, email, phone, and video calls.

We’ll help you find the right product for your needs and direct you on the safest and fastest route to creating an office magnetic wall. Don’t let that accent wall sit idle, turn it into a watering hole for ideas and innovations today. Get in touch now.