Convert Your Chalkboard Into a Whiteboard Wall

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Tired of your chalkboard? Feel like a change? Consider updating your dusty old chalkboard to a modern clean whiteboard.

Some of us have nostalgic memories of chalkboard paint, from school or childhood. There is still a huge fondness for these traditional products today, as evidenced by the increasing number in cafes and restaurants.

But lets face it, they are dusty and can be dirty,  and so don’t necessarily fit in with the “wellness at work” environments  in modern offices and schools.

Rather than throwing them out, have you ever considered converting them to a modern and sleek whiteboard wall?

You have two options to convert your chalkboard to a whiteboard. Simply use whiteboard paint to paint over it, or, you can stick whiteboard wallpaper on top.

Lets look at the steps involved in each method.

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Use Whiteboard Wallcovering to Convert your Chalkboard to a Whiteboard


Measure the dimensions of your chalkboard. If it has a border or a protection edge, add 2cm on all sides to your measurements.


To cut the right size of whiteboard wallcovering, use a scissors, and do it on the floor (or a table if you have one large enough).

Cut a piece of whiteboard wallcovering to your measurements (including the 2cm).


Apply heavy duty adhesive to the chalkboard (follow manufacturer’s instructions).

You do not need to apply the adhesive onto the wallpaper.


Attach the wallcovering to the chalkboard. Use a wallcovering spatula to push the material into the edge trim. Using a sharp knife or blade cut off any excess material.

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Use Whiteboard Paint to Convert your Chalkboard to a Whiteboard


Prime the chalkboard using 2-3 coats of primer (until the black colour is completely hidden).


Lightly sand between coats with sandpaper


Apply Smart Wall Paint (our award-winning whiteboard paint) as per instructions.

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Which Solution is Right for You ?

Both solutions work very well. Your choice of wallpaper or paint will most likely depend on timelines as well as budget and product preference.

Our whiteboard wallpaper, Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering, is ready to use as a whiteboard surface as soon as the adhesive dries – usually within 24 hours.

Our whiteboard / dry erase paint, Smart Wall Paint, is touch dry within 5 hours but is not ready for use as a whiteboard surface for 5 days. (During this time, this specialist coating is “curing”.)

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