Engage and Entertain: Upgrade your Hospitality Venue with Projection Screen Wall Paint

In a competitive hospitality market, creating a lasting positive impression on your guests is vital in order to stand out. While good food and quality service will always be the cornerstone, adding a wow factor to your decor with a large dynamic canvas for games, presentations, or just promotion can take it up a notch.

Projection screen wall paint is a stylish and cost-effective way to transform any smooth surface into a high-end screen. It is a one-of-a-kind solution to engage and entertain your guests while ensuring that your venue stands out.

In this blog, we will delve into the details of how Michelin Star restaurants and elite hotels to local cafes can use projector wall paint to upgrade. But, first, let’s take a quick look at the advantages it offers.

projection screen paint for hospitality

What are the advantages of using projection screen wall paint in hospitality venues?

Prominent hospitality establishments like Doubletree by Hilton, Hotel Federico Italy, Novotel, Swissotel Berlin, and many others are already using our projection screen wall paint solutions. Here’s why these front-runners are choosing our projection paints over traditional screens.

Traditional screens have their benefits but they come with limitations that can hinder the overall experience. Projector wall paint eliminates these limitations and makes your venue more engaging.

  • Maximum flexibility: Turn any wall, furniture, or even the whole room into a captivating screen without wasting space to accommodate a screen and accessories. Plaster, wood, wallboards, concrete, metal, or composite — our projector screen paints work on any smooth surface. This flexibility allows for innovative uses, such as transforming ceilings into starry night skies or floors into interactive gaming zones.
  • Integrates seamlessly: Projection screen wall paint seamlessly transforms your existing wall or furniture into a screen without altering the aesthetics of the place. They are ideal for minimalistic, smart, and modern setups.
  • Customisable in size: Unlike fixed-size screens, projection paint allows for complete customisation. You can utilise an entire wall, table, or a designated portion, creating a truly immersive viewing experience that perfectly complements your venue’s layout. For example, a full-wall sports screen in a bar or a thematic display in a hotel’s lobby can quickly uplift the space.
  • Works in ambient light: Our Short throw projector screen paint is designed to deliver high-quality output even in rooms with moderate to high ambient light. So, even if your venue has a brighter theme, these paints ensure that the colours appear vibrant and not washed out. They make an excellent choice for bright cafes or open-concept hotel lobbies where there is a lot of natural light.
  • Cost-effective: Compared to purchasing and installing traditional screens, projection screen paint offers a cost-effective alternative. The paint itself is relatively inexpensive, and installation requires minimal effort compared to mounting bulky screens.
  • Easy to maintain: To top it all, projector wall paint screens are simple to maintain. Just wipe them down with a soft damp cloth. That’s all the maintenance they need. Our projector wall paints don’t yellow over time and come with a 5-year guarantee.

How hospitality venues can utilise projection screen wall paint?

Projection wall paint unlocks a world of possibilities for hospitality venues to engage and entertain guests. Here’s how different establishments can leverage this innovative solution.


  • Project dynamic menus and promotions: Project menus right on the wall and update them in real time. Showcase dishes with high-quality visuals, and integrate nutritional information to make it more appealing. Play videos on ingredient sourcing on the large wall screen to add a new dimension to the dining experience.
  • Highlight daily specials and food prep: Showcase your daily specials on the large projection painted restaurant wall along with relevant information snippets. It’s a simple way to inform and attract guests. Captivate with live food preparation streams or recorded videos right from your kitchen.
  • Craft immersive dining experiences: Project themed visuals or video loops to match your restaurant’s ambience. Transform a potentially dull waiting area into an engaging space by projecting informative content, or themed videos right on the wall or partition.


  • Craft lively entertainment: Liven up the cafe atmosphere by projecting live music performances and popular comedy shows on the large painted screen. Gaming projection screen wall paints work seamlessly with all latest game consoles. These are ideal if you want to leverage gaming as a special attraction in your cafe.
  • Add a theme: Give your cafe a new theme every week or season. With projection wall paint, you can change the ambience as frequently as you wish without much hassle. Transform your cafe into a mini-art gallery by displaying digital art pieces or take your guests on a trip to the snowy mountains during hot summers.
  • Boost sports viewing: Turn your cafe into the go-to spot for game-watching by projecting live matches on a large, immersive wall display. It is an effective way to bring more people to your cafe and turn it into a popular meeting spot for the locals.


  • Captivating presentations: Meeting rooms and conference halls can now say goodbye to bulky screens. Our projector screen paint pro not only allows for crisp presentations with clear visuals, even in large spaces but also gives the opportunity to turn any wall or furniture into an immersive screen without any size limitations. To make your meeting rooms stand out, you can also use the Magnetic projector screen whiteboard wallpaper. It will let you write and stick papers right on the projection screen, giving every meeting and presentation an interactive edge.
  • Design guest experiences: Create a digital welcome message board in your lobby or the rooms. It can display greetings and vital information like local weather forecasts. Use the same space for playing visuals that create a pleasant ambience according to your establishment’s theme.
  • Promote local attractions: Showcase the best of your city or region by projecting images and information about nearby attractions, directly in the lobby or common areas. Display transport details, city maps, and important local authority numbers to ensure that your guests have all the vital information for a pleasant experience.

Smarter Surfaces – your partner for premium projection screen wall paints

Smarter Surfaces, a global leader in projector wall paint, boasts an extensive range of projection paints designed to meet the different needs of hospitality establishments of every size and shape.

If you’re looking for a projector paint that will deliver excellent projection results in meeting rooms and conference halls, here are some options to consider.

Short Throw Projector Screen Paint

This paint is designed particularly for use with short throw projectors up to 4K Ultra HD in moderate to high ambient light setups. It eliminates hotspots and delivers a high-quality experience in meeting rooms. This smart white short throw projector screen paint with a matte finish is suitable for use on plaster, wood, and wallboards.

Projector Screen Paint Pro

This white projection screen wall paint pro is a top-performing, general use projection paint ideal for meetings and presentations. If you’re looking for sharp and clear images in moderate to high ambient light conditions, this paint is what you need. It works with both short throw and long throw projectors and is suitable for use on plaster, concrete, composites, wallboards, and wood.

Our full range of projection wall paint has over 10 products designed for different setups. We also have a range of high-end whiteboard paints that can transform any restaurant, cafe, or meeting room wall into an effective whiteboard. Here are a few videos from our customers in the hospitality industry and their experience with our products.

Ready to elevate your hospitality venue? Contact our in-house team for a free consultation and discover how projection screen wall paint can transform your space.