12 Reasons Why Game Projector Screen Paint Delivers the Ultimate Gaming Setup

Want to level up your gaming experience without breaking the bank? Or looking for the latest solutions for an upscale gaming setup? Game projector screen paint is what you need.

It’s the ‘new tech’ in the gaming scene. And, many gamers are embracing it with gusto. Now, what makes them so special? And, why should you spend on some paint instead of the tried and tested traditional screens? Keep reading to learn more.

Playing Videogames on Game Projector Screen Paint

What are the benefits of using game projector screen paint for creating a game setup?

If you have been struggling with traditional screens, here are the top reasons why it’s time to upgrade.

  1. Cost-effective large display
  2. Projector screen paint allows you to create a large projection surface directly on your wall. Plus, it costs a fraction of a comparable high-quality projector screen. Creating a stunning 120″ screen with our projector screen paint costs just around £163-£188. Compare that to upwards of £800 for a decent ALR screen of the same size. This is ideal for gamers seeking an immersive experience without spending a hefty sum.

  3. Works with PS5 and Xbox projectors
  4. Premium projector screen paints work seamlessly with every latest gaming console projector — 4K, 8K and Ultra HD. The best ones in the market are typically designed and tested with projectors from Epson, BenQ, Sony, Panasonic, and Optoma, ensuring perfect output. They are future-ready and can efficiently match the needs of more advanced projector technologies.

  5. Improved image quality in light
  6. Unlike traditional projector screens that show washed-out pictures in brighter rooms, specialised game projector screen paint delivers better picture quality even in rooms with ambient light. This makes it perfect for gaming during the day or night. Outdoor projector screen paint makes it possible to enjoy video games outdoors without compromising picture quality.

  7. Customisable screen size
  8. Projector screen paint offers unmatched flexibility in terms of screen size and shape. You are not limited to the pre-defined dimensions of traditional screens. It gives you complete freedom to design a projection surface that perfectly complements your space and gaming setup.

  9. Wider viewing angles for multiplayer gaming
  10. Premium video games projector screen paints provide a wide viewing angle. It enhances multiplayer gaming experience, as more people can see the screen from a wider angle without any drop in light reflection and image clarity. Smarter Surfaces projector paints support as wide as 140° viewing angle.

  11. Space-saving solution
  12. Gaming projector screen paint eliminates the need for bulky projector screens and additional accessories that occupy floor space. This makes it ideal for rooms with limited space. It can turn not only walls but almost any smooth surface into a screen, giving you unlimited options. They bring a clean, smart, and minimalist aesthetic to your gaming zone.

  13. Outdoor gaming setup
  14. Specialised gaming screen paints allow you to transform any surface, even the outdoor ones, into a high-end gaming screen. So, not only your living room but also your backyard or garden can turn into a perfect gaming space.

  15. Complete personalisation
  16. Want to transform your living room into a weekend gaming zone but don’t want to change the perfect wall colour? No worries. Smart clear projector screen paint will turn your wall into an effective gaming screen without changing the actual wall colour. It’s a simple way to personalise your gaming space the way you want.

  17. Multifunctional entertainment space
  18. Our game projector screen paint isn’t limited to video games. The same painted surface can be used for movie nights, presentations, or displaying other forms of visual content. This creates a versatile entertainment and workspace that can cater to a variety of needs.

  19. Simple installation
  20. Projector screen paint eliminates the need for complicated assembly associated with traditional projector screens. The paint can be applied directly to your wall using standard painting techniques, saving you time and effort. Plus, the paint kit comes with all the necessary accessories turning it into a simple DIY project. Check out installation videos in our video gallery.

  21. No set up hassle
  22. Have you been using a fabric screen that needs to be set up every time you want to dive into your favourite games? Keeping the screen wrinkle-free is another common struggle. Gaming projector screen paint turns almost any smooth surface into an always-ready gaming screen without any hassle of setting up.

  23. Minimal upkeep
  24. Paint, play, and forget. Top-of-the-shelf video games projector screen paints need minimal maintenance. The indoor varieties need only a good wipe down with a damp cloth while the outdoor paints may be washed with mild detergent once in a while. These are weather, UV, and crack-resistant. Plus, do not yellow over time.

Choosing the right game projector screen paint by Smarter Surfaces

Smarter Surfaces is a global leader in game projector screen paints. We manufacture a range of specialised projector paints to cater to personal and commercial needs.

For the best results, we suggest you choose a paint that matches your setup. Let’s take a look at some of our premium projector screen paints. This will help you choose the right product for your gaming space.

Outdoor Projector Screen Paint

An amazing option to maximise your outdoor space. Paint any outdoor wall and turn it into a giant gaming screen. The special layering formula works efficiently even on brighter days. Not only homes, they make a great choice to uplift any outdoor gaming environment, including cafes, restaurants, and commercial gaming spaces.

  • It is weatherproof. And has a certified gain value of 1.26 at 90 degrees.
  • Suitable for use on exterior surfaces — plaster, mortar, brick, stone, metal cladding, aluminium and composites.
  • White in colour, wipeable, and washable for easy maintenance. Comes with an 18-months guarantee.

Check out how popular gamer couple CamXPetra used our outdoor projector screen paint to magically transform any outdoor wall into a high-end gaming screen.

Smart Ultra High Contrast Projector Screen Paint

Designed for indoor gaming setups where higher contrast levels are desired. So if you’re looking for deeper blacks and vibrant colours this is the paint you need. Ultra high contrast projector screen paint works best in rooms with low ambient lighting.

  • High-quality, superior contrast and depth, with a certified 0.24 gain value at 90 degrees.
  • Suitable for use on different surfaces like plaster, wood, metal, wallboards, and composites.
  • Dark grey in colour and wipeable. Comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Ambient Light Rejecting Projector Screen Paint

No more compromising your indoor gaming experience due to unwanted light. This ambient light rejecting game projector screen paint scatters excess light hitting the screen from the sides, eliminating colour washout even in rooms with ambient light.

  • High-performance projection surface with a certified 0.60 gain value at 90 degrees.
  • Can be used on plaster, metal, wallboards, concrete, wood, and composite surfaces.
  • Light grey, wipeable surface. Comes with a 5-year product guarantee.

Clear Projector Screen Paint

Smart clear projector screen paint offers the same immersive experience without altering the aesthetics of the room. This transparent paint goes right on top of your existing wall paint and turns it into a screen but leaves the wall colour as is. Ideal for rooms with moderate to high ambient light.

  • Transparent projection screen paint. It has a certified gain value of 1.0 at 90 degrees.
  • Suitable for interior use on painted plaster, wallboards, wood, metal, concrete and composites
  • Wipeable and comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Here you can see how our various projection paints are suitable for gaming setups. You can choose a projection paint according to the lighting conditions.

Let’s sum it up
Game projector screen paints are an excellent alternative to traditional gaming screens and are quickly gaining popularity. They can turn any smooth surface, both indoors and outdoors, into an effective screen for all top-quality gaming projectors.

However, choosing the right gaming projector screen paint according to your setup can be tricky. If you want professional assistance to make the right choice, get in touch with our team of experts.