How to Use Whiteboard Walls in the Retail Industry for Better Operations and Customer Service

Streamlined operations. Happy customers. Every retailer’s dream. But achieving both often comes with a hefty price tag. What if we told you there’s a simple way hiding in plain sight?

Brands are embracing whiteboard walls in retail to boost efficiency and customer experience without breaking the bank. They are simple to install and give the edge your business needs. Read on to find out how whiteboard walls are transforming the retail industry.

Whiteboard Walls in the Retail Industry for Better Operations and Customer Service

Use of whiteboard walls in the retail industry

Retail giants like Ikea and Lidl Ireland are already using our whiteboard and magnetic whiteboard paints to enhance their retail spaces. Here are some ideas on how you can use whiteboard walls in your retail business.

Better planning and management

  • Use whiteboard walls in retail to sketch out store layouts, plan product displays, and experiment with different arrangements. It will serve as a large dynamic canvas for visual merchandisers to brainstorm and visualise ideas.
  • Whiteboard walls let you brainstorm and map out promotional campaigns, including timelines, themes, and messaging more easily. Teams can jot down ideas, track progress, and make real-time adjustments.
  • Writable walls in retail are ideal to create customer journey maps, illustrating the entire shopping experience, from entry to checkout. Teams can identify pain points, touchpoints, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Make your planning and brainstorming sessions more engaging with magnetic whiteboard walls. They offer dual functionality, letting you stick papers, pictures, and notes directly on the writable wall.
  • Analyse customer feedback on the whiteboard wall. Identify common themes and use them to improve products, services, or store layout.

Managing daily operations

  • Effective scheduling: Use whiteboard walls to display daily tasks, shift changes, and cleaning rotas for clear communication among staff.
  • Inventory management: Track stock levels visually. Assign specific wall sections for each product category and update quantities with markers. This helps staff identify low-stock items more easily and prevent stockouts.

Empowering employees

  • Engaging training sessions: Writable walls in retail are ideal for interactive training sessions. Visually represent processes and encourage participation for better results. If you’re using magnetic whiteboard paint or wallpaper, you can stick the notes right on the wall.
  • Knowledge sharing: Encourage knowledge exchange. Dedicate a section on the whiteboard wall for employees to share best practices, sales tips, or product insights with their colleagues. If you have used magnetic whiteboard paint, it can work as a hub for sharing handwritten notes too.

Enhanced product displays:

  • Better signage: Use whiteboard walls in retail to create interesting product notes that not only share information but also add a touch of fun to the shopping experience. Highlight product prices, new arrivals, offers, and special promotions with colourful markers and change them as frequently as you wish without worrying about the supplies.
  • Seasonal makeovers: Adapt your promotions easily as the calendar rolls. With retail whiteboard walls, you can transform promotional displays for different seasons or holidays. Simply erase old content and create fresh, festive visuals.
  • Make shopping simpler: Draw large diagrams or flowcharts on the wall to explain product features and benefits in a clear and engaging way. This will make picking the right product easier for your customers. Plus, helps you highlight and promote new arrivals.

Focus on customer experience

  • Create feedback wall: Dedicate a retail whiteboard wall section for customer feedback. Encourage customers to leave comments on their shopping experience. Welcome suggestions and concerns.
  • Interact live: Don’t leave the customer comments unattended. Show customers you care. Use the same wall to acknowledge and address their feedback. This helps to build trust and shows your commitment to improvement.
  • Be more than just a store: Dedicate a wall space for important local announcements. You can also use it to engage customers with fun contests or polls.

What are the benefits of using whiteboard walls in the retail industry?

Typical whiteboards have been used in the retail industry for years. But, with the skyrocketing competition and customer expectations, it’s time to opt for something better – the whiteboard walls. Why? Here are the benefits.

  • Create a lean/agile environment: Whiteboard walls can take communication and collaboration up a notch in any retail space. They make operations more adaptable and customer focused. Plus, they help in continuous process improvement.
  • Freedom from limited sharing space: Whiteboard walls in retail give you complete freedom from the limited space of traditional whiteboards. Write and share with your customers and team without wasting supplies.
  • Turn any surface into a whiteboard: You can paint the walls or even the racks, desks, doors, and glass partitions to turn them into an effective writable surface. Magnetic whiteboard walls take it even further by letting you stick notes and pictures directly on the whiteboard.
  • Works with the same supplies: Write or draw on whiteboard walls with the same markers and use the same whiteboard eraser. Or use a microfiber cloth that comes with the paint kit itself to erase.
  • No staining or ghosting: For cleaning the retail whiteboard wall, all you need is a good wipe- down. Dry erase whiteboard walls ensure there’s no staining or ghosting.
  • Cost-effective: Our Whiteboard wall paint comes with as much as a 10-year guarantee. They do not yellow over time and need minimal maintenance.

What are the cost implications of installing whiteboard walls in retail stores?

Whiteboard walls improve your workflow and can potentially increase sales through more effective team communication and floor layout for customers. The cost, compared to the ROI they offer, is negligible.

One kit of Smarter Surfaces Smart Whiteboard Paint, which is also the UK’s number one award-winning whiteboard paint, costs just around £85.00. It comes with all the essential painting accessories and doesn’t need professionals for application. Saving you from all the hassle and unnecessary expenses.

The paint is also available in a clear variant. The Clear whiteboard paint comes for the same price and transforms any smooth surface into a writable dry erase board without altering the base colour.

Our whiteboard paint comes in three different sizes — 147ml, 426ml, and 1278ml. They cover 2m², 6m², and 18m² areas respectively. So, you have the freedom to choose the right size and pay only for what you need.

You may also opt for whiteboard wall paints with advanced features. Magnetic Whiteboard Paint or Antimicrobial Whiteboard Paint can give your retail store an amazing uplift. We also have whiteboard wallpapers with similar features to fit the varied needs of the retail industry.

The takeaway

Whiteboard walls in retail have several applications. They can be the key to improving in-store customer communications and team management. They are ideal for planning, learning, and brainstorming sessions.

Whiteboard walls are quickly replacing traditional whiteboards in the retail industry because of their unique benefits. To know more about writable walls in retail or to find the best writable wall product for your retail store, browse our website or get in touch with our team.