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Are you fed up of expensive trips to the movie theater?  From overpriced tickets to confectionery, drinks and luxury seats,, you can really end up spending a lot.

Wouldn’t it be much easier if you could have a cinematic experience without having to leave your home?

Well, the good news is, you can! Create your own home theater with Projector Screen Paint.

You, your family and friends can sit back comfortably in your living room and watch your favourite sports team play in the clearest image imaginable. Or why not enjoy the latest TV box set or film on a large screen in the comfort of your own home theatre?

How Can I Create My Home Entertainment Cinema?

It’s easier than you think. Choose a wall that best suits your viewing.

  1. Prepare the surface by making sure it is smooth.  If untreated, prime with our White Primer (why ? to seal and to smoothen the surface)
  2. Sand the surface so it is perfectly smooth
  3. Stir Projector Screen Paint.
  4. Apply two coats
  5. Wait 24 hours and then your surface is ready to use.

You’ll be able to project clear images directly onto your wall and have your very own home theater.

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Why Should I Use Projector Screen Paint?

So you know you want a home theater, but why should you choose Projector Screen Paint?

Smart Projector Screen Paint is the perfect product for all of your projection needs. It has been specially developed with self-leveling compounds and high quality resins to give a smooth flat finish.

Worried the viewing quality of your home theater won’t be as high as a TV or regular projection screens?

Smart Projector Paint has been specifically designed to provide LRV which is completely suitable for high-quality projection. 

And what about hotspotting? This is when a bright spot appears on your projector screen and can make it difficult for everyone in the room to get a clear view of your projection.

Projector Screen Paint has been designed not to hotspot. No matter where anyone in the room is sitting, they’ll see a clear image projected onto the wall.

The best part is when you aren’t using your wall as a home theater, it will fit seamlessly into your room, and go unnoticed.

Worried about the cost of a large wall-mounted monitor or screen ? Don’t be. You can paint a projection screen surface in any size you want. There are no limits.

If you watch a lot of live sports, don’t worry about missing the start of the game any more. Your painted projector screen is always on and ready to use.

So to summarize, Projector Screen Paint is low cost, high quality, doesn’t hotspot, comes in any size you want, is always on,  and is completely designed for projection. What more could you need?

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