Beyond the Whiteboard: How Writable Magnetic Projector Surfaces Are Revolutionising Classrooms

It’s not an easy feat to keep today’s digitally active students effectively engaged in the classroom. A whiteboard is just not enough to spark curiosity and fuel engagement. If you’re looking for a way to transform classroom experiences for your students, magnetic projector surfaces are the best solution.

Imagine a versatile surface that seamlessly combines two or three powerful functionalities: write on them, stick things to them, and project images onto them. On top of that, there’s no size limitation. Any section of the classroom — walls, glass partitions, desks — can turn into an effective collaboration space.

Multifunctional writable magnetic projector surfaces

Let’s explore how this innovative solution is revolutionising classrooms.

How do multifunctional writable surfaces improve learning environments?

Writable magnetic projector surfaces offer a dynamic and interactive learning space. They are ideal for educational establishments of any size. You can also use them in corporate meeting rooms and creative spaces.

Let’s take a quick look at how this multifunctional solution brings life to your classrooms.

Write, draw, and share with ease

Wide sharing space: Writable magnetic projector surfaces ensure that your students are not limited by space when it comes to learning and sharing ideas. You get a wide canvas to write, draw and scribble. And, you have the freedom to turn any flat or even curved surface into a whiteboard.

Start with a clean slate every time: These surfaces are simple to clean. You won’t have to worry about stains and ghost lines again. Once erased, the ink is removed completely, leaving a pristine surface for you to write on.

Works with the same supplies: No need to buy new supplies. These multifunctional surfaces are compatible with your existing whiteboard markers and erasers.

Magnetic capabilities for more interactive lessons

Ideal for visual learning: Foster collaboration and visual learning with the magnetic features. Students can stick mind maps, diagrams, or project resources directly onto the wall. This creates a vibrant and engaging learning experience.

Explore kinesthetic learning: The combination of writing and manipulating magnetic pieces creates a tactile learning experience. This promotes a more engaging and memorable way for students to learn by doing.

Gamify your classroom: Make learning fun and engaging. Incorporate magnetic games and activities into your lessons. Students can use magnetic pieces to represent characters, solve puzzles, or compete in educational challenges. This playful approach promotes critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a love for learning.

Provide personalised instructions: The magnetic feature allows you to cater to diverse learning styles and abilities. Create differentiated learning activities by providing students with manipulatives, visual aids, or vocabulary words on magnetic tiles. This personalised approach ensures that every student can access the information and participate in the learning process.

Unlock a world of possibilities

The projection capabilities of magnetic projector walls open up a new dimension in teaching. Take your lessons beyond textbook pages and create a truly engaging learning environment.

Immersive learning: Project captivating documentaries, high-resolution images, or interactive virtual tours on a wide surface. It will take students to the heart of the subject matter more easily.

Interactive presentations: Create dynamic presentations with images, text, and even handwritten notes directly on the projected wall. Magnetic projector walls let you stick papers and pictures right on the spot. This encourages a more interactive and effective learning experience.

Digital resources integration: Seamlessly integrate digital resources with traditional classroom activities. It is ideal for a well-rounded learning approach.

What are the other advantages of using writable magnetic projector walls in educational settings?

  • Quick cleanup: High-quality, no-stain whiteboard surface for quick erase and cleanup with minimal effort.
  • Reduced clutter: Forget overflowing bulletin boards and cluttered desks. The magnetic surface provides a centralised space for displaying information and student work. It promotes a more streamlined learning environment.
  • Saves time: Spend less time setting up and more time engaging with your students. The versatility of these surfaces allows for a seamless flow of information throughout the lesson.
  • Versatile projection compatibility: Whiteboard projection surfaces offer exceptional versatility. They function flawlessly with a wide range of projectors, including standard, interactive, 3D, and 4K models.
  • Simple application: Multifunctional surface solutions from our brand are simple to apply. No need for professional installation with the films and paints. Professional help is suggested only for applying the wallpapers.
  • Minimum downtime: You can start using the projection screen whiteboard film right after application. The wallpaper and the paint will be ready to use in just 48 hours and 4 days respectively.
  • Cost-effective: These high-quality multifunctional surface solutions need minimum maintenance. They do not yellow over time. The paint and wallpaper comes with a 10-year long guarantee.

Smarter Surfaces multifunctional magnetic projector surface solutions – the best in the market

Leading schools. colleges, and universities across the UK and beyond are embracing our innovative dual and 3-in-1 surface solutions. They effectively cater to diverse educational needs and are a trusted choice. The University of Cambridge, the University of London, and Eton Primary School are a few on the list.

There are six variants in our dual-functionality surface solution range, including paint, wallpaper, and film options. These come in a variety of finishes and transparency levels (white, matte, clear) to perfectly match your needs.

The Magnetic Whiteboard Paint and Projector Whiteboard Wallpaper are two top products from the range.

  • The Magnetic Whiteboard Paint boasts commercial-grade performance. It offers a durable and smooth writing surface. The magnetic properties allow you to display notes, images, and hold up to 4 A4 paper sheets. Compatible with smart neo-magnets for versatile collaboration and information sharing. For a hassle-free, DIY application, the kit includes all the necessary items and primer.
  • The Projector Whiteboard Wallpaper is perfect for classes where projectors instil life into lessons. You can project on the wallpaper and write on it at the same time, making lessons truly interactive. It has excellent projector performance. The low sheen finish reduces glare and ensures optimal readability. Want to know what our customers are saying? Check out this testimonial video.

The Magnetic Projector Screen Whiteboard Wallpaper is our 3-in-1 premium offering. It revolutionises how lessons are planned and conducted.

  • The Magnetic Projector Screen Whiteboard Wallpaper combines all three functionalities, delivering the best the latest technology has to offer. This top-of-the-shelf surface solution offers excellent whiteboard and projection performance. Plus, it can hold as many as 5 sheets of A4 papers. Low sheen finish for reduced glare. It has a no-ghosting surface and is resistant to stains.

The takeaway
In today’s digital world, classrooms need to be interactive and immersive. It’s how you capture student attention and ensure knowledge sticks. Writable magnetic projector surfaces offer an effective, affordable, and hassle-free solution. They transform your classroom and lesson delivery within days.

Many top institutions have adopted our magnetic projector solutions to enhance their teaching spaces. If you want to level-up your students’ learning experience, explore our range on the website.

Not sure which multifunctional surface solution will be best for your needs? We are here to help. Contact us for professional guidance and learn more about our education programme. We will help you find the perfect solution to unlock a more engaging and interactive learning environment for your students.