Convert Your Chalkboard Into a Whiteboard Wall

Many of us have nostalgic memories of chalkboards from our school and childhood days and it seems there is still a huge fondness for these traditional products today. Chalkboards are being used by numerous cafes, bars and restaurants daily across the world to display menus and special offers.

turn your chalkboard into a whiteboard wall

A chalkboard can bring a rustic feel to any space but let’s face it, they can also get dusty and dirty quite easily. This doesn’t fit in with the sleek, well-kept environments found in modern offices and schools.

To avoid the mess that comes with traditional chalkboards and in order to reduce unnecessary wastage, you can simply upcycle your old chalkboard into a new up to date surface.

Additionally, you don’t need to limit yourself to just a whiteboard – you can transform your outdated board into a multifunctioning paint or wallpaper workspace. We offer a combination of dual and triple function whiteboard, projector and magnetic products.

Let’s look at the steps involved in applying both our wallpaper or paint products.

Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Wallpaper used for a business meeting

How to Convert a Chalkboard into a Whiteboard?

You have two options; you can paint over it with whiteboard paint, or you can use one of our wallpaper products. We’ll cover both options below.

Using Whiteboard Paint to Convert Your Chalkboard

All of our paint products can be installed by a professional or DIY in a few simple steps.

  • Apply Primer: Firstly, check and fill any cracks or holes with decorator’s filler. Then prime the chalkboard using 2-3 coats of primer or until the black colour is completely hidden.
    Please note: ordinary emulsion/latex paint is not suitable as a primer
  • Sand: Lightly sand between primer coats with sandpaper (drying times per coat takes 2-4 hours)
  • Paint:Apply Smart Whiteboard Paint (our award-winning whiteboard paint) as per instructions.
woman writing on a Smarter Surfaces Smart Whiteboard Paint wall

Use Whiteboard Wallpaper to Convert your Chalkboard to a Whiteboard

Just like our paint products, all of our wallpaper products can be installed by a professional or DIY in a few simple steps.

  • Prepare Your Surface: To ensure the best possible results for your new wallpaper, check and fill any holes or cracks with a decorator’s filler. Once this has been completed then sand your board. Use a primer, such as Smart White Primer, on any absorbent surfaces.
  • Measure: Next step is to measure the dimensions of your chalkboard. If it has a border or a protection edge, add 2cm on all sides to your measurements and then mark these dimensions with a pencil.
  • Cut: To cut the right size of our whiteboard wallcovering, roll out the product carefully on the floor or a long clean table to guarantee you don’t crease or damage the product. Ensure the backing is facing up. Then, using a sharp scissors, cut the whiteboard wallcovering to your measurements (including the 2cm).
  • Stick: Before adding the wallpaper to the chalkboard, apply two coats of heavy-duty adhesive to the marked out area (follow manufacturer’s instructions). Do not apply the adhesive to the wallpaper.
  • Apply: Attach the wallpaper to the chalkboard. Use a wallcovering spatula to push the material into the edge trim and remove any air bubbles. Using a sharp knife or blade cut off any excess material.
Projector whiteboard wallcovering wall business presentation teamwork Ireland

Which Whiteboard Solution is Right for You?

Your choice of wallpaper or paint will most likely depend on timelines as well as budget and product preference.

Our whiteboard wallpaper, Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper, is ready to use as a whiteboard surface as soon as the adhesive dries – which is usually within 24 hours. Our dry erase paint products, Smart Whiteboard Paint products, are touch dry within 5 hours but are not ready for use as a whiteboard surface for 5 days. (During this time, this specialist coating is “curing”.)

If you’re not sure about which whiteboard solution is best for you, call, email or chat with our team of experts for a free consultation.