Your One-Stop Guide to Turning a Wall into an Outdoor Projector Screen

Turning a Wall into an Outdoor Projector Screen

An outdoor projector screen is a weather-resistant surface designed for displaying videos or images in outdoor settings. A large wall made of concrete, wood or glass, or a portable screen made of fabric, you can turn any surface into an outdoor projector screen with the right projector paint, this is a highly durable solution that will last in all weather conditions.

Watch movies under the stars, celebrate a sporting event with your friends, and play games on a giant screen, there are tonnes of exciting things you can do with an outdoor projection screen and a projector.

Check out our outdoor projection paint being used by the famous gamers Cam & Petra on YouTube.

How to create an outdoor projector screen?

You can turn any smooth outdoor surface into a projection screen with the Outdoor Projection Screen Paint by Smarter Surfaces. The application method is really simple and only takes a few steps.

1. Prepare the wall you want to turn into an outdoor projector screen

  • Scrap any loose or rough masonry
  • Use a waterjet or similar method to clean the wall if it has been exposed to the elements for some time
  • If the wall is made of wood or previously painted – sand any rough areas down with 80 grit sandpaper
  • Measure and mark the area that you want to paint and apply high-quality white primer to it
  • If the surface is new with plaster or mortar paint on, you should apply two coats of white exterior wall paint before applying outdoor projection paint
  • For new wood apply one coat of Smart White Primer before applying outdoor projection paint

2. Apply the smart outdoor projector screen paint

  • Stir the outdoor projector screen paint thoroughly
  • Apply the paint using a short pile roller sleeve
  • Wait for the first coat to dry (2-4 hours) and apply the second coat.

The wall will be touch-dry within an hour and usable within 12 hours of application. Other than walls, you can apply the outdoor projector screen paint on fixed frame fabrics or any relatively smooth material. However, it is not recommended for roll-up screens or foldable materials.

This helpful video application guide has lots tips on installation or reach out to our helpful product advisors for any further help.

9 key features of the Smarter Surfaces Outdoor Projector Screen Paint

  1. The paint is resistant to weather, Ultra Violet rays, and cracks.
  2. The special formulation allows it to project high-definition videos both during the day and at night.
  3. It eliminates hotspots (unusually bright areas on the screen).
  4. It is wipeable with a damp cloth (use no detergent).
  5. Everything you need to apply the paint is included in the kit.
  6. You can use all external projectors
  7. It has a gain value of 1.26 at a 90° angle.
  8. The outdoor screen paint makes your wall ready for 4K & 8K Ultra HD projection.
  9. The paint exceeds all safety and environmental standards set in the EU and the USA.

The outdoor projector screen paint was designed with different lighting conditions in mind. With a high gain value of 1.26, it ensures high-quality projection even in bright daytime conditions. It also gives you a wide viewing angle making it ideal for large groups in outdoor environments.

Smarter Surfaces also has a solution for turning floors into projection screens. Check out the floor projection screen paint.

What kind of projectors should you use on the outdoor projection screen?

It is recommended that you use a projector with a lumen value of at least 2500 lumens. You can use both short-throw and long-throw projectors based on the size of the screen. The higher the lumen value of your projector, the better the screen will work during the daytime.

Tips for using an outdoor projection screen in the daytime

  • It is advantageous to have the screen in a shaded area so that the projector doesn’t have to compete with the sun as much. If not possible ensure that your projector is good enough.
  • You will need a high-quality projector with high lumen output. Check for the white as well as colour brightness ratings an a minimum of 2500 lumens

Even for night-time viewing, you should use a high-quality projector with good lumen output since the projector will still be competing with ambient light sources from neighbouring houses and streets.

4 key benefits of having an outdoor projector screen

Having an outdoor projection screen wall can offer several benefits for various activities and events. Here are four advantages:

1. Entertainment and Movie Nights
Outdoor projection screens are perfect for hosting movie nights, whether it’s for family gatherings, friends, or larger community events. You can enjoy your favourite films under the open sky, creating a unique and immersive cinematic experience with an authentic movie theatre feel.

2. Sports and Gaming Events
You can host outdoor viewing parties for major sporting events or set up gaming consoles for multiplayer gaming sessions. The large screen size and outdoor setting make it ideal for action-packed games and sports events.

3. Social Gatherings and Events
You can use outdoor screens for karaoke nights, live music performances, or even display photo slideshows at weddings and other celebrations. The outdoor setting provides a more open and dynamic space for social events.

4. Educational and Presentational Uses
Outdoor projection screens are also useful for educational and business purposes. They can be used for outdoor classes, workshops, or presentations. This is especially beneficial for institutions and businesses that want to utilise outdoor spaces for teaching or conveying information.

If you have an outdoor wall that you think will make an excellent projection screen but are unsure what paint to get or how much to buy, book a free video consultation. Show us your space and our projection experts will help you get the right product for your needs.