Magnetic Chalkboard Paint: All You Need To Know

magnetic chalkboard paint in school

While schools and universities are rapidly moving away from chalkboards or painting their old chalkboards with dry-erase whiteboard paints, no one can deny the old world charm of a black chalkboard. And that is why retro style chalkboards are so popular in cafes, restaurants, and even in offices that want to keep things fun and retro.

Let’s just say chalkboards are a fond reminder of a century-old heritage. But you can make a chalkboard significantly more interesting with the help of magnetic chalkboard paint.

What is magnetic chalkboard paint?

Magnetic chalkboard paint is not a single product, it is rather a process that involves two different products: Smart Magnetic Paint / Smart Super Magnetic Paint and Smart Chalkboard Paint.

We’ll explain how you can use these products to create a magnetic chalkboard that you can use for writing with chalk and sticking sheets of paper with high-quality magnets.

How to create a magnetic chalkboard?

The first thing you need is a part of a wall or an old chalkboard that you want to turn into a magnetic chalkboard. Mark the area of the wall where you want to apply the magnetic chalkboard paint and then follow the steps.

  • Sand the surface to ensure its reasonably smooth. If the surface is untreated or porous, apply 2 coats of white primer to prepare it. If there are any holes or cracks in the surface, you can use a regular decorator’s filler to fill them before applying the primer.
  • Apply three coats of smart magnetic paint or four coats of super magnetic paint (for stronger magnetic qualities) with sufficient time in between coats for the paint to dry. You will have a dry, dark grey surface in the end. Sand it lightly to ensure there are no surface texture..
  • Apply 2 coats of smart chalkboard paint with 2 to 4 hours of drying time between coats to allow the paint to dry.

Wait for 24 hours for the paint to fully dry and you will have a black, magnetic chalkboard with an extremely smooth surface.

You can use dry and liquid chalk to write on the surface. You can use a regular duster or a microfibre eraser cloth to wipe it clean. You can use magnets to stick photos, charts, cards, and whatnot on the surface. With one neodymium magnet, you can stick up to 4 sheets of paper on the magnetic chalkboard, 5 if you use the super magnetic paint.

Top Tip
When using a new chalkboard paint surface or any chalkboard its great to season or condition the surface before use.

Take a piece of chalk on its side and rub it all over the surface to cover its entirety in chalk. Then, spread it around with with a dry cloth.

This chalkboard conditioning or seasoning technique will close all the pores of the chalkboard paint and make it easier to write on with chalk.

Use cases for magnetic chalkboards at Home and at Work

Write messages, brainstorm ideas, update plans, change menus, it’s a brilliant mode of communication with your customers, employees, or the people at home.

Magnetic chalkboards at a cafeteria
You have seen cafes use chalkboards to update menus and announce daily specials. How cool would it be if you could do all that and highlight important announcements like special discounts and new additions to the menu by sticking bright notes with magnets to the board?
That’s exactly what the magnetic chalkboard paint allows you to do.

Restaurant cafe menu on blackboard chalkboard paint kitchen wall

Magnetic chalkboard at home
At home, a magnetic chalkboard can be a fun and effective mode of communication and collaboration, especially if you have children.

  • You can write down chores, stick achievement notes with magnets, and leave a message if you have to leave unannounced.
  • Make travel plans with your family – make it interesting by sticking notes about different spots.
  • It gives children a space to get creative and draw their hearts out.

All chalkboard paints manufactured by Smarter Surfaces are environmentally friendly and free of toxic chemicals, odour, and fumes. The paints exceed all safety and quality standards set in the UK and are absolutely safe for children.

The best part is, that you can apply the magnetic chalkboard paint without any professional help. We send everything you need to apply the paint with the paint. There’s a detailed application guide to help you in the DIY journey. If ever in doubt, you can contact our product advisors for help.

The advantages of using magnetic chalkboard paint over buying a chalkboard

  • Chalkboards are not inherently magnetic. You can try hanging a writable metal sheet, but they are heavy, might take a toll on your wall, and are limiting in terms of space.
  • You can create a magnetic chalkboard on any smooth surface regardless of its shape and size. You can paint around obstructions and end up with a beautiful creative space.
  • You cannot break a magnetic chalkboard wall and the paint comes with a 5 year performance guarantee. So, it’s a better investment than a chalkboard.
  • The magnetic chalkboard paint is scratch-resistant.

If you are unsure if your surface is suitable for a magnetic chalkboard finish, or wondering how much product you should purchase, we have a solution for you. Book a free video consultation and show us the surface. The industry experts at Smarter Surfaces will help you find the right fit and help you throughout the process of installation.