All You Need to Know about Whiteboard Paint for Walls

whiteboard paint for walls for meetings with clients

A whiteboard is a flat, smooth, typically (not necessarily) white surface that can be written on with dry-erase markers and easily wiped clean. It’s a versatile tool for writing, drawing, presenting information, and collaborating in various settings such as classrooms, offices, and meeting rooms but with one major limiting factor: size. Whiteboard paint for walls can add a completely new dynamic to a space by turning an entire regular wall into a whiteboard.

What is whiteboard paint for walls?

Whiteboard paint is a special type of paint or coating that turns any smooth surface such as a wall, or a tabletop into a dry-erase, writable surface. You can write on it with any normal dry-erase markers and wipe the board clean with a microfibre cloth.

How does whiteboard paint work?

Whiteboard paint is a combination of specialist resin designed to create a smooth, hard, writable surface. Once the paint is dry after application, the specialist resin present in it makes the surface smooth and writable, just like a whiteboard. The resin makes sure that the paint is hard enough to endure writing and wiping for a prolonged period of time.

What are the benefits of applying whiteboard paint on a wall?

When you turn a regular wall into a whiteboard, it becomes more than just a wall. It changes how people interact with spaces. The walls become centres for communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Top benefits of a writable wall in an office setting

  • Creates an atmosphere of creativity and expression
  • Increases the collaborative potential of every meeting
  • Helps leaders create a better impact and a lasting impression with the help of visual cues while discussing strategy
  • Maximises the potential of wall spaces that are unusual as the paint can go around doors windows and fixtures
  • Becomes a centre for fun activities in the office (it’s perfect for a session of Pictionary).
  • Creates a positive and engaging space for idea-sharing

A large whiteboard wall is equally beneficial in a classroom setting

  • Creates a large working canvas that has room to leave lots of information up over time without needing to erase for day to day work
  • It gives students more space to innovate and interact
  • Relieves teachers and students from the dust, allergies, and dry skin that come with a chalkboard
  • The writable area in a classroom is not limited by the size of a traditional wall-mounted whiteboard.
  • Encourages active participation

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How many types of whiteboard paints are there?

Primarily, there are two types of whiteboard paints
1. White whiteboard paint

As the name suggests, white whiteboard paint turns a regular wall into a white, dry-erase surface, this is also available in magnetic whiteboard paint.

2. Clear whiteboard paint

Clear whiteboard paint turns any smooth surface into a writable area of any colour. That means, if you have a blue wall and put a coat of clear whiteboard paint on it, it will turn into a blue writable wall.

Whiteboard paints can be further classified based on gloss levels, base materials, and intended use cases. For instance, antimicrobial whiteboard paint can be used to create safer, antimicrobial writable surfaces whereas, matt whiteboard paint with anti-glare properties helps you create a wall you can both write and project on.

How to choose the right whiteboard paint?

You cannot go wrong with white whiteboard paint if your main goal is to create a writable surface in an office space or a classroom. A white writable surface has great visibility, and you can use markers in any colour on it without compromising clarity.

However, if you intend to create a writable wall that aligns with the brand colours or complements the colour and overall aesthetics of a building, then you should go with clear whiteboard paint.

Things to keep in mind while buying whiteboard paint for walls

  • The paint should be fire-proof, and environmentally friendly with certified levels of VOC, isocyanates, etc.
  • It should come with a performance guarantee
  • The seller should provide you with application guidelines and an application kit
  • You should be able to use any marker on the wall after painting
  • It should be easy to apply and ready to use within a week

How to apply whiteboard paint on a wall?

The steps of applying the whiteboard paint for walls can vary based on the brand of the paint. Here, we’ll discuss the application procedure for the smart whiteboard paint manufactured by Smarter Surfaces.

1. Preparing the wall

A primed or painted wall does not need a lot of preparation. You can just sand off any minor inconsistencies in the surface and move on to the next step.

If your wall is not smooth – has holes, or bumps, or isn’t primed – here is what you do.

  • Use a regular decorator’s filler to fill the holes
  • Apply two coats of high-quality primer and wait for it to dry out
  • Sand off any rough spot

2. Applying the paint

The smart whiteboard paint (clear and white) by Smarter Surfaces has two parts – A and B.
You need to pour all of A into B and stir it well for a few minutes to achieve a perfect blend.
Use the roller provided in the application kit to apply the paint to small sections of the wall. Check for any inconsistency before moving to the next section.

3. Using the wall for writing

After painting the wall takes 4-5 hours to become touch dry. However, you should wait 4 days before using the wall for writing so that the paint hardens properly and you get a smooth finish.

You can use dry-erase markers to write on the wall and microfibre cloths to erase it.

How to maintain and clean a whiteboard wall?

Maintaining a whiteboard wall is very easy. With a few accessories, you can boost its longevity and retain its performance for years.

  • Use good-quality dry-erase markers to write on the wall
  • Clean it using a piece of microfibre cloth and dry-erase cleaner at the end of the day.
  • Get rid of stubborn stains and undo accidental usage of a permanent marker using a permanent marker remover. Please note that this is not for regular cleaning.

The smart whiteboard paints by Smarter Surfaces come with a 10-year performance guarantee.

Is it possible to use whiteboard paint to refurbish an old chalkboard or a wall-mounted whiteboard?

It absolutely is.

Since a chalkboard has a relatively rough surface and an old chalkboard may even have crack lines, it is better to apply a couple of coats of primer to prepare it for the whiteboard paint. Once the surface is smooth and dry, you can apply the paint to turn an old chalkboard into a brand-new whiteboard.

Priming is not needed in the case of an old whiteboard. You can go ahead and apply the paint.

Is it possible to turn a wooden wall into a clear whiteboard?

So, you want to turn a wooden wall into a whiteboard without changing the outlook. That is possible, thanks to the smart whiteboard paint clear by Smarter Surfaces and the clear primer.

First, apply two coats of clear primer to eliminate the porosity of the wooden surface and prepare it for the whiteboard paint. Apply a coat of the smart whiteboard paint clear to the primed wooden wall.

In 4 days, you will have a write-on wipe-off wooden wall. The same process can be followed to turn a wooden table or a glass surface into a whiteboard.

More interesting possibilities

You can add a layer of magnetic paint to your primed wall before applying the whiteboard paint to turn it into a magnetic whiteboard wall. It will allow you to stick sheets of paper, photos, maps, charts, etc. on the writable wall with the help of magnets.

By applying low-sheen whiteboard paint, you can use a wall for both writing and projecting. It can be used to great effect during presentations.

Get all the advice you need around whiteboard paint for walls

The product advisors and industry experts at Smarter Surfaces are ready to answer any question you may have regarding whiteboard paints, magnetic paints, wallpapers, and projection paints.

You can book a free video consultation with us where you show us the wall you want to transform, talk to us about your goals, and we will help you find the most effective products for the purpose.

Thanks to the easy-to-follow application guides, and all-in-one application kits sent along with the paint, anyone can apply the smart whiteboard paints on a wall. If you get stuck or face any issue, consult the application videos or just Get in touch.