Does It Work Whiteboard Paint?

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This latest post in Smarter Surfaces ‘Does it Work?’ series focuses on our best selling product, Smart Wall Paint.

What It Is

Smart Wall Paint is a one coat whiteboard paint which is available in two colours, white and transparent.

With this product , the user can transform any desks, walls and doors into writable surfaces. It even comes with a 10 year product guarantee.

Smart Wall Paint is available in a number of kit sizes. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

2m² / 21ft²
6m² / 65ft²
12m² / 129ft²
18m² / 193ft²
36m² / 387ft²

Reinvent your office, meeting room or any collaborative space you wish. All with a simple, one coat whiteboard paint.

Smart Wall Paint In Action

Smart Wall Paint is the trusted product of 1000s of global companies and schools of every size all over the world. It’s also the winner of European Office Product Awards ‘EOPA Product of the year 2014’.
This product can be applied in all kinds of working spaces. As it is low odor and low VOC, you won’t even need to worry about leaving the room while it is being installed.
It is perfectly safe to apply while you are working and won’t interrupt your day.

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Applying this product is so simple, anyone can do it. Firstly prepare and prime the surface and then apply the product. It will be touch dry in 5 hours and ready to use in 7 days.

Then you’ll have your very own whiteboard surface.

Check out our video of Smart Wall Paint in action below. 

Why stop there? With Smarter Surfaces Magnetic Whiteboard Bundle you can have a dry erase and a magnetic surface. Two functionalities in the one bundle. 
Watch our step-by-step application video to see just how easy it is to add whiteboard functionality to your surfaces. 

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