How Construction Companies Use Magnetic Digital Prints

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Construction materials companies usually have a large number of staff. With the mining, quarrying and processing of construction materials, it’s no wonder why a large staff is necessary.

So, how do you keep communication clear and open with so many people?

We suggest using functional surfaces. Writable magnetic digital prints allow you to have areas of communication that are fully personalisable.

Check out how construction materials company Breedon created their own writable magnetic digital print with Smarter Surfaces below.

Meet Breedon

Breedon is a construction materials group in the UK and Ireland.

Operating two cement plants, 80 quarries and 170 ready-mixed concrete and mortar plants, to name just a few, it’s no wonder why Breedon is one of the leading construction materials group today.

The Project

The materials business Lagan group was bought by and rebranded to Breedon.

During this rebrandment process, Breedon launched a “Just Ask” campaign.

They wanted to encourage employees to ask questions about the company takeover and rebrandment.

They decided to create a magnetic whiteboard digital print with the Breedon company design so that employees could write or hang up questions with magnets during the rebranding process.

The Products

To create a magnetic whiteboard digital print, Breedon used Smart Magnetic Digital Print Base and Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear.

Breedon then installed these digital prints in the four Lagan facilities that were undergoing rebranding.

With magnetic and whiteboard functionality employees could write or stick up any queries or worries they may have had during the rebranding process.

Having the Breedon logo on this digital print also helped to officially introduce Breedon into the Lagan facilities.

Breedon can still benefit from their functional digital print, even after the “Just Ask” campaign has ended.

This functional digital print is a great alternative to noticeboards and allows employees to easily stick or write up notices and updates.

With magnets they don’t have to worry about their documents falling or moving, and with whiteboard functionality they don’t have to worry about typing and printing out every notice or update.

They can simply write up updates and wipe away when no longer relevant, saving them time and paper.

With this new functional digital print Breedon have opened the lines of communication within their staff, and they’re staying open.

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Make Your Own Magnetic Digital Prints

Want your own functional digital print?

Our Smart Magnetic Digital Print Base lets you add magnetic functionality to your digital prints.

Simply order the correct quantity of our printable magnetic basic, to be delivered to your printer.

Then just send your image or design to your printer, asking them to print it on Smart Magnetic Digital Print Base.

It’s as easy as that.

But maybe you want to add whiteboard functionality to your magnetic digital print too? All you need to do is apply one coat of our Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear.

Adding functionalities to your digital prints is so easy to do and can really benefit your business or workplace.

Learn more about Smart Magnetic Digital Print Base here.

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