How To Use A Projection Surface

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Projector paint is an incredibly flexible product. It can be used to create a projector surface in any shape and size so its possibilities are only restricted by your imagination!

But you’re asking yourself the question, what can I do with Projector Paint?

See if any of these uses for Projector Paint spark your imagination:


Create a Home Cinema

We are all always on the lookout for larger and better TV screens to view the latest box set or live sporting event.

Why not cost-cut and project directly onto the wall with your very own projection surface? Even more, you can get the added benefit of painting a screen as large as you like.

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Invite Your Pals Around

A projection wall is perfect for entertaining large groups of people, who can not easily fit around even the largest TV screen. With this option, you can invite all your friends around for games, sports or movie nights.

Why waste money at the cinema? Or waste time positioning chairs around the television? Wow your guests with an authentic cinematic experience in your home.


Parties & Events

For party planners and coordinators, projector paint offers a canvas to display eye catching designs and slideshows that will ensure your event is a memorable one. Whether you’re planning to create a backdrop for your cat-walk at a fashion show, a trade exhibition or a guerrilla marketing stunt.

Likewise, when it comes to hosting a party at home, we have seen projector paint used very creatively, especially at seasonal events like Superbowl, Oscar nights, big Vegas shows and more.

It’s also possible to sync music and sound effects to correlate with videos and animations to provide guests with a truly unique audio-visual experience.


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Projection Surfaces For Gaming

Maybe gaming is your thing?

The industry’s continuous growth has resulted in many gamers getting together in large groups to play multiplayer games.

Creating a projection surface with Smart Projector Paint allows the user to feel fully immersed in their game without any screen size limitations.

A traditional screen for this kind of activity could cost thousands of euro. However with projector paint, you can create a screen at a fraction of the cost and without a loss in image quality.

Enjoy the bright, sharp images of a high quality projection screen with a low cost. Why would you choose anything else?

Want a dry erase AND projection surface? Try Smart 2 in 1 Wallcovering: Projector and Dry Erase.

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